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Premenstrual Madness
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Depot provera

Just wondering if any ladies have had success with depot provera injection for pmd! I was going to be ur on the list for removal of ovaries but my gynae feels I’m too young (38) and so has persuaded me to try the above as a last chance! I was never keen to try it as hormones and I don’t tend to agree so the thought of a 3 month injection scared me, also chance of weight gain! I got injection 2 weeks ago and things seem ok just now 🤞! Any experiences with this good or bad would be great! Also stories on removal of ovaries - did that work?

Thanks x

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Hi :)

I’ve been on the depo injection for 5 years now and would genuinely recommend it to anybody. Personally I think the weight gain is a myth. I tend to get a massive appetite increase the week before my injection is due, but if I’m able to control myself then I get absolutely no weight gain at all, although that is just my own experience. Also completely stopped my period. I do tend to get mood swings and light cramping when my usual monthly period would come but that’s about it really!


Thanks! It’s good to hear a positive experience about depot provera:)


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