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Premenstrual Madness
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Pmsing and holidays?

So I’m feeling very very needy today. It sucks. I’m so emotional and I don’t want to leave home.

The thing is for months I’ve had a little trip to my friends planned (house sitting) and I’m taking my dog for a few days.

I’ve been so excited, I couldn’t wait to get out and explore a new walking place with her and it’s so sunny today I just want to love it. I just feel so vile.

Any tips on how I can beat this?

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Sometimes we struggle and struggle against our feelings when what we need to do is just sit with them. It's a paradox that sometimes works: we welcome and invite in the uncomfortable emotion and it soon passes. My suggestion is -- don't fight it. Say to yourself, "I am feeling vile today, and that's okay." Maybe journal about the vileness as much as you can for three minutes. Whatever you need to do to sit in it as much as possible. If this doesn't work, go for a walk and come back to it later. But know that when we've been fighting AGAINST our feelings for years and it hasn't worked--we need to do something different. Maybe that something different is showing some compassion for these feelings and not scooting them out the door right away.

No matter what, know that you're not alone.

Warmest wishes,



You get what you expect and your thoughts can be changed. You are the captain of your ship. My trick that I use is I say to myself, what if I could just turn around and leave all this negativity in the dust? You feel relief. Then you do it. Another good trick is getting rid of stuff you don’t use. It’s a way to leave your past behind. It’s cleansing. Progress is what gets you unstuck. Tony Robbins videos (most are just audible) always uplift me and are changing my life daily. So the idea is to leave the past behind and be new and newer every day. By even asking the question you did, you are moving forward. Take massive action even in a small way, to move forward and you can start by focusing on your thoughts. I keep an openess in my mind in the moment and you can feel a change even doing that. Just creating a clear space in your head without negative thoughts. Sending freedom and joy your way my friend!!!


So I just forced myself to go shopping for good food and that sort of helped.

I’m in my friends now and it’s just me and the pooch. We went walkies and I had the most insanely nice bath.

What helps is knowing that my mood will effect my girls, so I need to keep it top level so she feels like she can relax in a different environment.. and she’s currently firing out all the 😴 on my knee wrapped up. I must be doing something right.

It’s crazy how our moods can just change so quickly and awfully


Our disorder can tell us lots of things, but it's #1lie to me has been that the negative feelings are permanent. It's really important that you journal about the victories you have like the one you had in this post. You have proof that the nasty feelings pass. AND you have a map (coping skills) to light the way out.

Like Red is saying, if you fight it, the longer it will linger. Kind of like a song you can't get out of your head. You are okay. There are many women like you and you are a good example to them because you are mustering courage, as hard as it is, and reaching out for help.


I just feel so emotional and lonely today, I haven’t stopped crying. I seem to focus on even the tiniest of lies and I let them get to me and make myself feel pointless. I hope you girls are doing ok?

I’m going to force myself out with my dog now



Pray (or seek or believe) for the opportunity to help someone else out today, maybe when you're out walking the dog. It is uplifting and always shakes me out of my funk.

One day I was feeling SO down and stuck in my house for days (back pain) and I prayed and BELIEVED that I could still be of service to someone else. Later that day, out of nowhere, a little girl knocked on my door with the most beautiful tiny kitten I've ever seen! It needed a bath, flea spray, and litter box training before it went to the pound. I knew just what to do! She stayed with us for several weeks and brought us so much happiness. When it came time to bring her to the shelter, there was another even younger kitten who needed help, so I fostered him too. He now lives with an awesome family in Dallas! All from just one desire, one prayer, one belief.

You deserve to be delivered.


Aw Emmy! That’s such a lovely thing for you to do!

Well I went out on a 8k walk and came across this lovely park, my dog was so happy. We sat for a break on a little bench and got chatting to an older lady who just wanted some company and I’m so glad I went!

We’re back now, I’ve got a happy snoozy dog, so I’m happy!

Thanks for your kind words it’s so hard to snap out of it sometimes, I’m feeling very thankful for this little place.. ❤️


That's awesome girl.

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