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First post!

Hi there! I joined this forum a couple of months ago and have been reading the posts and responses- such a supportive and wonderful group. This, however, is my first time posting!

My PMDD has been especially rough this week. I’m sure many (if not all) of you have experienced the lack of understanding and support provided by the people in your life- my family thinks I’m just “moody and PMSing” and it’s hard to get them to take my PMDD seriously. Does anyone have any tips on how to help your support system better understand and help through the rough times?

Also, any words of advice or encouragement are SO welcome.

Much love ❤️

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Hi brookville!

I’m glad you’re finally posting! How are you feeling today?

It can be so hard to get others on the same page and I think a lot of us still have that problem, I know I do. I think you have to want to make a change within for anyone to notice a difference.

So instead of feeling like you constantly have to explain yourself, let’s focus on you and what can be done to lift yourself up. What do you love doing? What’s your goals?


Hi there, well it is quite a challenge but you do need to educate your friends and family about pmdd and severe pms. Show them this forum and just be authentic in sharing how it’s helped you to find it and others who are going through this. There’s a compounding pharmacy in my area that has night classes every once in a while where a hormone-balancing doctor will speak for an hour and answer questions and I’ve decided to seek out more lectures and groups that will have ladies there to connect with. It’s vital. No man will really ever get this. But their love for you will provide some empathy and support. One of my friends has been battling severe pms before it even hit me and she’s just pure support and it’s so nice. I’ve found that it’s how you look at it. What was once a crisis has become a passion!! To learn more and more. To take it day by day. Pmdd has opened up a world of self-care and I’ve found a community here. The transition into my 40’s has been transformative and I’ve been very up and very down. Keep learning. About estrogen-dominance and the liver’s role in metabolizing it. There are so many things to learn. Detox. Live with passion. Be clear on what you really want. Ask better questions. What can pmdd teach me? Can it actually open doors I never even considered? Could it be the best challenge I’ve ever faced?? Can something great come from such deep and powerful pain?? Yes!!!!


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