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Premenstrual Madness
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Damn ovulation

Hey ladies!

Hope you’re all having a lovely, relaxed weekend 😊

Having a bit of a meltdown. I’ve been using vitamin B6, primrose oil and magnesium for the last 6 weeks, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mood and my interactions with people.

However, 2 days ago I felt ovulation pains and since yesterday the brain fog, self doubt, crying spells, anxiety and “no one loves me!” Thoughts have returned!

I’m so frustrated as I was doing so well and felt so happy!

I’m going to my doctor tomorrow to get a hormone test to see what’s going on. Taking the pill or any other hormonal contraception just aggravates everything, and I don’t want to take anti depressants as I don’t think that’s the problem.

Does anyone else have issues post ovulation? X

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All I can say is I relate! 2nd day of period today and I’m soooo tired and just feeling sluggish and a little low. I think what we gotta keep in mind throughout this journey is that it’s gonna be up and down. But finding answers is good. Red said she takes an amino acid now, starts with a G. I’ve been having sugar cravings and I know that’s my downfall. Ovulation triggers pmdd symptoms, so we should look further into that. I’m with you in this struggle and I’m glad you posted because it makes me feel less alone and reminds me it’s not my fault. This pms stuff ain’t fun but at least we keep going!!


Hi how are you doing today? First of all I just want you to know you’re in the right place, you’re wanted and loved. You’re so so worth it and I’m glad you’re here!

That feeling can be so horrid and you deserve to be kind to yourself. Come here when you feel like that, we all need the support!

I definitely feel ovulation pain! I’m out of the fog and that’s exactly what it feels like ‘foggy’ everything’s a little blurry with my emotions, 2-3 weeks a month I can float in and out of being an emotional mess.

You’re still doing so well! You’re actually going beyond just talking and doing something positive and that is what matters. We all have little or huge setbacks but you’re noticing! Just take a moment to look how far you’ve come in terms of listening to your body and knowing when something isn’t right, that’s a real win!

I’m channelling my inner strongheartforever but imagine you’re climbing a huge mountain, you’re tired and demotivated so you stop and take a break, you look over the edge and realise just how far you’ve come.

Without these little crappy moments you wouldn’t notice the progress. Take a moment to be proud!

Be kind to yourself, this will pass ❤️


I love your post. Your attitude is go get em and I love that. So I’m really sensitive lately and I just wanted to remind myself to get that Vitex Chaste berry extract. I ran out over a month ago and thought I’d see if the bio identical hormones would take care of those “false emotions” that severe pms can cause and make you think the world is out to get you. Priority number one today is to go get a bottle of Chaste berry extract and try not to fling myself of the nearest cliff.


Aww strong! I’m sorry you’re struggling! I wish I could be there to help ❤️

Remember you’re the most important girl in your world so please know how special you really are!


Thank you sis. I can tell it’s my hormones. Been off progesterone for a few days because of period. Ugggghh but it’s not NEARLY as low as I was before I got help with BHRT. Stay on the ride. Keep your seatbelt fastened. Do not jump ship. It’s hard to be low when I’ve been so strong and felt so good. This is womanhood. The dang horse is bucking and I’m holding on. Thanks for being there. You ladies are gold.

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Ooh, yeah! I consider the days after ovulation to be round one of PMS. Some women think of it as "pre-PMS". Just FYI--this is common. Keep your doctor appointment but know that they might find nothing out of the ordinary. If they do--follow through. If not--this might be an area where you could use some acceptance and compassion.

Women are often convinced there's something wrong with us for various reasons and that we'll never be good enough. We spend thousands of dollars chasing an ideal that doesn't exist. You mentioned you've seen improvement, you even show great awareness about the source of your symptoms. Don't discount that. The idea that process is or should be linear is a harmful myth that sets people up for disappointment. Just because you cry or feel foggy, doesn't mean you're not doing well.

Warmest wishes,



Hi Tiru,

This is just my experience: For me, vitamin B6 lengthened my ovulation week to *nine* days and greatly increased my production of cervical mucous. It's great if someone's trying to conceive, but it's not what I needed! That week, my ovualtion symptoms worsened significantly. I hear different things about B6, including that it actually promotes *estrogen* production, which is not what most women who suffer from PMS need. Now, you could try stopping B6 for a month to see if it was the culprit, unless you're really sure that B6, rather than the other supplements, is improving your PMS overall.

Hang in there!


Thank you all for your very helpful and supportive replies. Apologies for my late reply, I’ve been working mad hours!

Celina thanks for the heads up on B6, I have noticed my discharge is much heavier (sorry, TMI) but I’ve not had any angry or explosive mood episodes which has been nice. Still waiting on my hormone results but it is a bank holiday this weekend so I can understand. I’d really just like to get the ball rolling on getting better.

Hope you’re all having a nice Easter or weekend if you don’t celebrate 😁 x


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