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Premenstrual Madness
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4 days

I finished my period four days ago!! And I feel nauseous anyone else get this?

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Hi Claire,

Yeah sometimes I get that, generally once a year though?

Have you changed anything in your diet?


I don’t really eat healthy to be honest I really should do you think it might be because of my diet?

Thank you x


Could be dehydration or just your body needing certain nutrients? Just speaking from experience, I find if I eat really well on the lead up and during my bad week, it tends to go away 😊 soooo difficult when all you wanna do is eat chocolate though lol

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Yes! Although I’m usually very nauseous before. Everyone’s cycle seems messed up this month!

Get some icy water! Have a nice hot bath and get out or get something great on the tv to take your mind off it. Distraction is a wonderful thing


Yes I totally get nauseous more cycles then not. I thought I was the only one. Im sure diet does play a part. I tend to eat sweets myself during that time lol


What it feels like is my symptoms that I should of got before and during being on my period if that make sense


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