Premenstrual Madness
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The dragons back in town 🐉

Well here it is. That two week mark. It’s just hit me like a ton of bricks today. I don’t know if it’s becsuse of my environment and people making it harder but boy oh boy am I fed up!

I hate feeling or being spoken to like I’m incapable even of the smallest things.

It’s so strange that two days ago I was happy and having the best day and now here I am.. bloated, moody and feeling worthless.

I hope you’re all ok though.. and having a much better day than me!

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Daisy girl!! It’s so hard to have perspective right now but what I see is a lady who needs patience and respect so give yourself that. You are reaching out here and that is a healthy and healing impulse so thank God we have this space! I’m there too but much closer to my period. I just kinda blew up at my ex on the phone for lagging on some paperwork I need done. And if I were a man, I wouldn’t think twice, but as women, we are taught to smile and please everyone no matter what. Think again!! It’s ok to demand respect Daisy! It’s ok to be pissed off!!! I’m so anxious and it’s really annoying just to feel this way. I’m going to the gym to sweat it out I guess. This is our one life. It’s our only shot to be happy so do what makes you happy. At the very least, you are heard! You are seen. And you are loved by me!!


Thank you ❤️

I have this weird Home life set up.. even by my standards. I feel trapped and belittled and most of the time I’m on top of it. All the little remarks add up and I snap at a pointless thing. I know it’s not all pmdd related but it certainly adds to it. It’s like you cannot be mad or show emotion because it means I’m thrown a ‘you’re mentally unstable’ card.

I feel like I’ve got to a point where I find it hard to be honest because I’m embarrassed and ashamed of where my life is at, but I will be. I really can’t feel any worse than I already do. I barely go out, I don’t have a career, I don’t do anything. At the minute I’m so exhausted I just want to be alone and stay in bed all day. I don’t go out or have a career because I’m scared of change. On some days I feel like I can change that and others I don’t. I know it’s not healthy but I just feel my homelife is the constant cause of judgement and unhappiness that it’ll never change.

I hate having a pity party ☹️ Thank you so much for reading and responding I really do appreciate it!

And screw the ex.. he had it coming💅🏼


❤💐☕Sending you love, flowers, and tea, sister. And hugs. This life can be a hell of a thing. It's only made better by friendship....and chocolate. 🍫

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Yes! You're speaking my language, lady! It's okay to be pissed off and demand respect!

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I’ve never demanded respect from this person before🙈 I just turn into a blubbering mess.

I suppose we’ll see how today goes 🤞


Hey Lady! Have you ever heard or tried "dragon time" the essential oil by young living? I use it every month and it helps with the cramps/moodiness pmsing......I hope you feel better. I can tell you how I use it for optimum relief. It's pretty amazing!


Ha no way! It’s actuaply called that.. love it!

I haven’t I’ll read up on it.




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