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Premenstrual Madness
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PMDD--full hysterectomy? Want my life back

Hello and thank you in advance for reading and any advice you give is greatly appreciated...

[Please note that I'm talking about pmdd, NOT pms. Look up the symptoms for pmdd if you don't understand the difference--where it says you have to have 5 of the 11 symptoms or something--I have every, single, one.]

I'll make this as short as I can.

I have pcos, pmdd, and recently found out I probably have endometriosis. I'm not here for sympathy, just some feedback. The last time I remember thinking like a normal human being (aside from my ocd making me a bit eccentric) was when I was 11, before starting my period. I'm 24.

It wasn't horrible all the time until about 14 years old--and maybe just half the time then. (Btw I'm not describing puberty--it was not puberty. How do I know this? IT NEVER STOPPED.) Again, I'm 24.

And not only did it not stop, it has done nothing but worsen over the years. Mircette birth control helped when I started it at 21--it made me feel like I was 15 again (an improvement at this point), but even with that, and the anti-depressant I am on for my ocd, I could not function well. The extreme cramps and muscle aches weren't just a thing of a week anymore. It has evolved to every single day I am in pain. And I just started depo provera--my doctor's recommendation to help the pain, and, I've read it can be miraculous for women with pmdd too. I'm hoping it is for me. It has only been a week, but I've been experiencing very mild psychosis, crying spells, and still severe pain. I do believe this is a reaction to my body not having the Mircette, as opposed to the depo. But I am concerned.

It wasn't I've always wanted kids, but do not think that I could live with myself and I gave birth to a little girl who would have pmdd. (and for all of you who say "well at least its not heart disease, or cancer" or whatever, I would rather have 10 years to live, and have them be the best I can make them be, and feel good, and feel like myself, than live a normal life span with no change. I'm unfunctional--I barely got my college degree due to missing half of my classes the last year or so. I can't work. I can't even do my own f***ing dishes half the time.

That's the background information. Here are my questions.

1--If the depo does not work for me, I want a full hysterectomy because I want my life back. I know I'm only 24, but as I said, I'm at the point where I don't think I am going to be able to do so, for fear of having a girl who would suffer my pain, AND, for the fact that I don't know if I could physically take care of them and be a halfway decent parent feeling as though I do. How would you advise I ask my doctor about this? (As I mentioned, I'm a bit eccentric, and I don't want to be looked at like I'm crazy, but rather taken seriously).

2--Depo with pmdd--has it helped you? Did it worsen things for you? How long did it take to help (or for side effects to start if it didn't help)?

3--The vegan diet "cure for pmdd"--truth in this? Anyone tried it? Does it help?

4--if you have pmdd, and smoke, or have smoked in the past, have you noticed an increase in your pain and emotional symptoms when you do smoke?

5--if you have pmdd, have you ever had psychosis? Or blackouts?

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Hi, PmddDestroyingMyLife. I just wanted to say welcome and that the women here know what you're going through and will not judge you. While I can't answer your specific questions, I do know some women have gotten relief from hysterectomy. Whatever you choose, I support you. I know that living with PMDD can be a nightmare.

Sending you comfort and healing.



It definitely has been a nightmare. It does seem that the depo shot is starting to help a tiny bit, so I guess time will tell whether or not I'll have to look into the hysterectomy option. And thanks, Red. :)

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Any time! :-)


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