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Premenstrual Madness
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Natural remedies against PMS depression and mood swings

I'm 22 and took a contraceptive pill for 7 years (age 15-21) so I stopped taking it more than a year ago because I was feeling depressed, had mood swings, was extremely irritable and would cry for no reason. I thought that the pill is responsible for my moods but it I still suffer from the same symptoms, sometimes more and sometimes less.

I never really talked with someone about it because I thought it's all just in my head and goes away after a couple of days anyway. Also, I was studying over the last 2 years so my timetable was very flexible and it wasn't that much of a problem.

Now I'm in Peru (I'm from Germany originally) doing an internship and I'm mainly working from home so I'm at home alone a lot and far away from my usual environment, my family and friends. I'm an open-minded person, I met a lot of people and most of the time I'm super happy, I enjoy my time here and I like the work. But usually two days before I get my period I feel like crying all day, even though it's sunny outside and a perfect day for the beach I just want to stay in bed and have crying fits for hours. The tiniest problem can upset me a lot and I don't want to be around other people at all (it's not that bad with very close friends and family). I feel like a completely different person and I can't even tell if I'm upset because there's a justified reason for it or if it's just the hormones. My relationships to other people really suffer because of it and during that time I hate myself for being this kind of person.

I now made the decision to see a doctor to talk about it when I'm back home which will be in April so for now, I'd just like to know if you have any recommendations what I can do to ease the symptoms in a more natural way? Maybe some natural remedies or meditation, music, etc. Thank you for your help!

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While I'm not a doctor I know 5htp is a natural remedy which does wonders for me!

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Sorry to hear about your problems. I am in the early stages of finding remedies too.

For pain/ inflammation: ginger, turmeric, ibuprofin/Naproxen

For relaxation: yoga with Adrienne on youtube, she's amazing. Try the 31 day yoga videos. Check out the channel "themahoganysessions" on youtube it's all relaxing unedited acoustic songs.

For sleep: I usually need a lot of ibuprofin on my period so the pain doesn't wake me up. Painting or reading before bed. "ASMR" videos, weird but put me to sleep. Melatonin works for me sometimes not always. Black cherry juice naturally increases melatonin.

Finally, I went to a herbalist who sent me home with all kinds of remedies. I can't say if they work yet.

Tea: hops, raspberry leaf, fenugreek, oat

Tincture: nettle, borrige, skull cap, lemon balm

Please use caution, I'm not a Dr and some herbs can be dangerous for some people

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In addition to the lovely greetings/advice offered by the other ladies, I wanted to direct you to the Helpful Websites/Resources pinned post--there may be some good stuff there as well.

I'm a big believer that tea solves everything so I try to drink at least a cup a day--I like chamomile or sleepytime the best.

Also, know that as PMDD can be made more difficult by adding other challenges (being in an unfamiliar place, dealing with difficult people) it can also be made less difficult by adding enjoyable things/activities as well as eliminating challenges.

Some women find it helpful to simplify their lives as much as possible for at least a few days prior to their period. Others, like me, find that their lives need to be simplified to a greater extent by cutting out toxic people and moving to a new town with a slower pace of life.

Whatever you decide, we're here to support you. We get it, and will not judge you no matter what!

Sending lots of comfort and strength and support!