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Premenstrual Madness
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Need advice

Can someone help I haven't been told I had pmdd but it's been hinted that I could. Since having my son 8 month ago my periods have been e extremely hard like five days leading up to my. I get extremely anxious and just feel like I can't control my emotions. I've suffered from anxiety all my life and I'm on a ssri for it and 80% of the month the medications help my anxiety. But right before I ovulate and my period start nothing helps and it's like I'm in a nightmare. Any advice would be appreciated

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Hello. I'm sorry to hear about your depression and anxiety before your periods. While only a Dr can diagnose you with PMDD it sounds like it could definitely be a factor in your issues.

It sounds like a more complex case in that you have general depression as well. I would talk about it with the Dr who is treating your depression. I have heard of people increasing the SSRI dose for a week before your period. Maybe a change in dosing like that could help.

My advice right now would be start a monthly journal and wrote down which days you have symptoms of PMDD/ worse depression. Doctors like to have written documented evidence to make a diagnosis. Hope that helps.


Hi Aliciar,

I agreed with Daylee. I went to get my hormones checked to ruled out peri menopause and any other factors. My hormones was normal but thanks to my journaling. My doctor was able to used that and diagnosed me with PMDD.

My doctor prescribed me anti depressant to helped stabilize my symptoms. Unfortunately lexapro send me to the ER and now Zoloft causes blood in my bowel. I had to stop both meds immediately. They weren't in my system long enough to had any effect just yet. Zoloft was in my system for 14 days and I had to go off due to the blood in my bowel. So I'm on nothing for 7 days and I'm one day before my period. I feel so depressed, emotional (which I cried all day today at stupid thing), angered ( which I just yelled at my friend ) and I felt awful. I tried to Managed it which I did, or things could had been worst.

Like Daylee said, journal eveything and you should see a consistent pattern of your emotions. Mine always flare up 7-10 before my period. There's also a calendar app that the members here suggested I downloaded it. It been very helpful to keep track of my cycle and know when to prepared. We all here to help you. Vent if you need too. Ask if you have questions. Share if you learned something new about the disorder. More knowledge is more power. Hope my replied helps.



Thanks I have been journaling and tracking my periods that kind of how it hit me last month so I googled increased anxiety and mood swings around your period and that's how I even heard of pmdd. The ssri that I'm on is for my anxiety (I wouldn't say I'm depressed just more tired of always feeling anxious) I went to my ob last month and she told me there wasn't a real good way to test your hormones. So she just gave me a birth control to try. I'm 4 days out from when my period is suppose to start so I guess I'm gonna just take one day at a time and wait for it to pass.


One day at a time is brilliant! I like to break it down even smaller to one minute at a time. This is actually the strategy I used for overcoming agoraphobia a few years back.

Glad you're here, Aliciar.


Hi Aliciar, and thanks for writing to us! You've come to a good place, and we're here for you. I understand your struggles and I want to encourage you to stick with your efforts to help yourself. I know how difficult and lengthy the road can be. First I'd like to ask how long you've been on the SSRI, what type of doctor prescribed it, and when your last appointment with that doc was.

Talk to you soon,



My psychiatrist put me on Luvox for my anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I saw my ob in aug. and I asked her if there was a test for test for a hormone imbalance but she said there really wasn't and wanted to just put me on a birth control. Which I didn't get up taking bc it had estrogen in it and my aunt got breast cancer from too much estrogen and the progesterone only birth control makes me gain too much weight


I can definitely relate to your experiences.

How long have you been on Luvox? When was your last visit with your psychiatrist?


I've been on it for 3 months now just went up to 50mg 2 weeks ago. I saw him a month ago and seeing him again this Friday


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