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Premenstrual Madness
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The Mood Cure book recap

I've mentioned this book to several people, so thought I would do a mini recap.

The book, "The Mood Cure" offers a wide range of possibilities for those suffering from PMS.

Julia Ross, author of "The Mood Cure," has been a specialist in the field of Nutritional therapy for eating disorders, addictions and mood problems as well as a counselor and psychotherapist since the 70's. In 2004 she released the book as a result of many years for research and trials with her own patients.

Basically, seratonin, dopamine, cortisol etc all can be depleted over the years due to stress and disease. Some of us just aren't born with much anyway. The following supplements are only a a small fraction of suggestions from the book if you are trying to calm anxiety as well.

Here are just a few of the suggestions from the book ( there are a lot more, but I would suggest reading it for further information.

1. For Sertonin /dopamine replacement- for mood enhancement, panic and insomnia. Supplements include 5-HTP, Tryptophan, St. John's Wort or SAme (only one of these not all)

2. Mlatonin- aids sleep and insomnia

3. For Energy, Motivation, focus- Supplements Tyrosine or Phenylalanine

4. Recover from Adrenal Overlaod/Stres- Supplements GABA,Taurine, Glycine, or Calmes Forte

5.Basically, there are 22 different amino acids in protein-containing food, but nine are essential. They include: histadine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. If you take a supplement the blend is called Freeform. Apparently, it is important for the blend to contain all nine of these or it could cause mood disruptions.

Please note, your regular doctor, may not have any information on this subject as it is more of a holistic approach, but they can determine if it would be safe or not depending on any other drugs taken. For anyone reading this, it is always important to discuss and supplementation with your doctor first as it can sometimes be more damaging to take them and there can be drug interactions.

I personally have not yet tried anything except melatonin, which works miracles for me, but plan on doing so once I've gone through the cortisol testing and speak with my doctor.

IF anyone tries any of these approaches, would love to hear your feedback.

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Thanks so much for sharing this, Zazzel!

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