Premenstrual Madness
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I understand why PMS can be used as a defence for murder!

PMS for me can be explained in a few sentences - I feel cranky, in a rage, zero patience, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, violent fantasies (mostly towards strangers who might look at me the wrong way!), my OCD tendencies rear their ugly head around that time, anxiety/panic attacks, feeling fear in the mornings, sad and lonely, insecure, often sleeping issues....need I go on? And then two weeks later I'm a different person, happy and bubbly! It's mad and I feel ruled by my hormones....I know they affect your other neurotransmitters like seratonin (as reproductive hormones 'steal' from other hormones and the building blocks for seratonin etc, especially when under stress the stress hormones 'steal' from other hormones so you are no longer balanced and don't have enough amino acids to produce the happy hormones), but seriously how can I go through the next ten years or so like this, on the monthly rollercoaster??

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I hear you, PMSbeast. You're not alone. Sending you all my good thoughts and supportive vibes. It IS a roller coaster! Maybe one where you feel as though you can't get off! It's TOTALLY mad. Ugh, I feel for you so much. Promise me you'll do one small kind thing for yourself today--anything. Sip some tea, curl up with your favorite blanket and give yourself a hug, watch your favorite comedy, let yourself have a good cry and know that at hundreds of other women understand what you're going through and surround you with their acceptance and compassion.

Peace and healing,



Hello! Sending you much love and support. I've gone through the same thing as well on a monthly basis. Throughout my 4 years of college PMDD was always there. I always felt so miserable and angry inside, and not wanting to take it out on others, I isolated myself. I suffered in silence until February of this year when I had enough. Honestly, 2 weeks out of every month with PMDD was madness. My OBGYN prescribed s very low dosage of birth control pills, and honestly it had help d me so much. I still do get my episodes (currently recovering from one) but not nearly as much as before. Instead of 2 weeks of mental madness, I'll experience it like 2x a month at most. And I always know when I'll be having an episode. Before seeking treatment I also thought I had to go through this forever, but that's not the case!


I completely understand I'm in the midst of the nightmare right now, for example I just read a response to your post about hugging yourself and drinking tea with a favorite blanket and it pissed me off, anything positive makes me angry, how's tea a blanket gonna help this torment! A gun with bullets is what I need! So yeah in a week I'll be ashamed and embarrassed for writing this, it'll take another week to get over that then I'll be happy and praising the Lord only to get thrown back into the pit a week later. Over and over again same script plays out. Hopeless!