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Premenstrual Madness
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Pmdd feeling like a life sentence

Hello everyone. I've been hunting for a forum which is fairly active because I honestly feel like speaking to fellow sufferers will help a little with sanity.

I have got PMDD and honestly it feels like a life sentence. Every month I dread it starting again and feel absolutely determined not to let it take me but it does.

I've read that pmdd can often get worse after pregnancy which is putting me off having children.

I fight with my wonderful boyfriend, I don't recognize myself, I get depressed, exhausted, emotional, low self esteem, anxiety, it goes on and on. I hate it with a passion and despise how I lose control of my body.

I feel like it is control of my entire life and it's very unfair. I also struggle that no one closest to me really understands it.

I know readers on here will relate.

Is there any hope at all for us sufferers?

Sorry for the melodramatic post, as I'm sure you can tell, I am in the midst of my pmdd at the moment!


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Hi hayleyshep,

I just joined this thread to get insight and help like you too. I can relate to you and I know exactly what you ran. My post is right below yours. My problem is I still haven't got diagnosed with PMDD yet cause I'm still waiting for all my test result. My mom was menopause at 45years old so I thought I'm going through peri menopause. My test came back and said I'm normal and that is how I stumbled on this thread. I even took extreme measures to go see a psychiatrist to see if there's an underlying issues with me that causing me like this. He diagnosed be with depression. But I been keeping a thorough chart of things and noticed I'm at my worst roughly 10 days before my period start. So I'm starting to think I might have PMDD.

I feel your pain what you're going through, and you mentioned you have a wonderful boyfriend that you fought with. If he's still around and very supportive, he's a keeper. Mine, left me in the midst of all this and said he couldn't deal with me anymore. He said I was not the same person he fell in love with and my issues is all in my head. I spent 1.5 years of my life with this person to tell me these hurtful things. Trust me, I know I wasn't pleasant to be around with and he could only take so much. So if your man, is supportive. Hang on to that.

Have you tried anti depressant to help with PMDD?

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Hello, Hayleyshep, and welcome!

I so empathize with feeling like PMDD is a "life sentence" and the monthly "dread" you feel when symptoms begin to surface.

I don't believe your post is melodramatic. When we feel we've lost control of our bodies and minds, a sizeable reaction is understandable-isn't it?

I hate the fact that women receive the message that we should somehow be "holding it together" better when we feel as though we're losing our minds every month. The idea that we should somehow be handling these feelings with more grace and composure is what's crazy--not our natural reactions to a body and mind that feel like runaway trains.

I feel like a big part of the healing process is a change in mindset. Much of the suffering in the world seems to be on an individual level (PMDD, depression, PTSD) but may actually represent a larger sickness, a toxic mindset, that affects our society.

I don't want you to worry about this right now, though. Now is a time for comfort and healing. See if you can find one small kindness that you could do to make yourself feel a tiny bit better. Listen to some peaceful music, drink some aromatic tea, enjoy a long bubble bath--anything little thing to make you feel just a tiny bit better.

You're safe here. We understand and support you.

Sending you much comfort and healing,


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Hi Hayley,

Along with Lanaphan's question regarding antidepressants for PMDD:

Medications are not a bad idea when you're first learning to manage your symptoms. You still have the same symptoms, but meds can give you a break from all the agitation and take the edge off the ups & downs your feeling, just enough so you can think clearly and decide rationally.

I take lamotrigine, an anti-seizure med, for mood stabilization and it has helped me tremendously. I'm not exactly sure how it works to stabilize mood, but it's commonly used for that. I also take Zoloft, (an SSRI: a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) as an adjunct to the lamotrigine. An SSRI lets serotonin linger in your system a little longer so you can be happy a little longer. I chose to stay on my meds for several years so far.



Hello again!

This forum is like a garden. That's great because you can pick through all the info and suggestions and decide what works for you.

That said, I would like to suggest joining the website and downloading the free app, myhormononology.com, formerly Hormone Horoscope. It tells you what symptoms you will likely be having in which of the 4 weeks of your cycle, so you're not surprised when you can't remember things, when you're agitated, etc. Yes--you can finally make a plan to deal with your PMDD symptoms. It tells you how to prevent emotional flare-ups, for instance, right before your period, by sticking to things that are familiar: hangouts, outfits, hairstyles--so you won't have a meltdown when a "new thing" doesn't go right.

Finally, whenever you feel inspired to, answer some questions on this forum. Share your experience, strength, and hope with people who are looking for help just like you are right now. This simple act will help you gauge your progress. You'll encounter people looking for answers for which you were also once searching, and have finally found! Exciting stuff huh?


Aw, I can relate so much. I am freaking out my partner too with crying and irrational thoughts. I often feel like it's a life sentence or at least 30 years of suffering.

Don't apologies and feel free to let it all out here :)


Same here and don’t be sorry! I’m reeling from a break up and thinking PMDD is going to destroy me.


Hey there, I just joined today for exactly those same reasons. This truly feels like a curse sometimes, and like you have completely lost control. I also have put too much pressure on my saint of a boyfriend who continues to support me regardless of the toll it takes on him. Which fills me with extreme guilt on top of my extreme anger/anxiety/depression! I'm hoping this community may be able to relieve the pressure my PMDD puts on all of my relationships, whether it be a parter, friend, or relative. Let's all get through this together.


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