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Arrgh!!! Why?

Hello ladies,

I'm a bit confused. My Gp is referring me for my PMDD/severe PMS.

I got the referral letter today and I've been referred to a Urogynaecologist. I don't understand why; I called the hospital and was told the doctor wouldn't have accepted the referral if he didn't feel he could help. He specialises in prolapse problems, urinary issues etc. I'm sure he's excellent at that but is he really going no to be able to help me?

I wanted a specialist, i.e. Someone who had an interest/specialism in hormonal/PMS issues.

I'm seeing my Gp on Thursday so will quizz her about it. I do have a backup idea for her lol

Things is, I live in Wolverhampton and the referral is in Birmingham so I don't want to travel all that way if it's not worth it. I may as well see a gyno in Wolverhampton.

What are your thoughts ladies?

Thanks, Clazzy 💖

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Hello, Clazzy!

Seems like this situation is a little confusing. We go to our doctors for answers and it can be frustrating when they don't seem to have any. While I may not understand the reasoning behind your referral, I want to support you in getting answers. You have every right to receive attentive and compassionate care from the doctor of your choosing. I completely understand wanting to receive care closer to home and I think that's a good point to bring up with your GP. I hope she's able to hear all of your concerns and give you some satisfactory answers. Good luck and let us know how it goes!




Thanks 💗 Just strange a urogynecologist. Oh well, I'll update on Thursday.


Hey love! Only you know what's best for you, and your intuition is in place for a reason. I would like to share my experience with you.

After I've been fighting for so long to find solutions to my problems, it can be very difficult to surrender my power and let someone else help me. Last year in a group treatment center, I overheard two elderly gentlemen talking about letting go, admitting they didn't have the answer to their disease, so they HAD to follow a doctor's orders to get better. One of them laughed and said, "Yeah, you don't bring your own wrench when you bring your car to the mechanic."

In the U.S. we have urologists (kidneys, bladder, on down) and gynecologists (ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, on down). These systems produce TONS of hormones that come from the exact same gland in the brain; therefore, I believe combining these two specialties is brilliant! Here's a short video:

If you decide to keep your appointment in Birmingham, I would suggest contacting a nurse at the clinic before you go so you can ask him or her what to expect at your appointment.

I'm always just an email away,



Thanks Nikki. I may do that. I did call them yesterday to ask about that. But she said he wouldn't have took the referral if he didn't think he could help. I'll see what my GO says on Thursday.


Sure! Let me know!


maybe they let you see any gyno at the start and then send you to the specialist if needed. that is what they do at my hospital. I have seen 2 different consultants, one specialised in cancer and I am not sure about the other one and next I am seeing the endocrine specialist, they don't have a pms specialist at my hospital.

I think it would be easier to get referred to a different consultant within the same hospital than having to get referred to a different hospital.


Hello lizzy212822,

If that's the case I may as well go to my local hospital in Wolverhampton. My Gp was going to refer me to a specialist gynaecologist, with an interest in women's hormones/PMS. I just don't know what to do now. Like I said I'm seeing her Thursday so will ask then.

Why is it so difficult? It shouldn't be as so many women suffer with PMS/Severe PMS. I bet if men suffered with it they'd all be specialists in it. I'm just cross that apart from a London there doesn't seem to be much help for us ladies in the UK. London is a long way to travel, I can't afford it either or I'd go there.


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