Premenstrual Madness

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I suffer from heavy painful periods they used to be on time but the last year they come whenever they feel like matter wat i always get a migraine a day or two bwfore it cums and is always painful and bleedy heavily for 5 days or more but recently i got the migraine and sevete painnful period cramps for a week and half but still no period then a started bleeding but only for a day an wasnt as heavy as still getting the odd period cramp is the ok i have never had this ever

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Hi, lainie. I'm sorry your cycle has been so irregular lately--I know it can feel like a roller-coaster sometimes. have you talked to a doctor about your symptoms? It sounds like you've kept a great record of your symptoms, keep that up, it will help. Hang in there and please let us know what the doctor says or if your symptoms resolve.


Hiya. I'm like you get me trial related migraines. I use a prescription medicine called mefenamic acid, it's a non steroidal anti inflammatory. I use it for a few days before my period starts. Also it can lessen the flow.

PMDD is awful. I'm due on in 3 days and have had a bad headache/migraine every day for about 3 days.

I'm getting to the exhaustion stage too. Back ache, hip pain, cervix ache and very sore breasts.

I cannot concentrate, and loose track of what I'm doing. It's like my brain can't deal with simple things like even putting out laundry. I left it in the basket and did other things and kept remembering it was there then did something else, then eventually put it out after 3 hours 🤣 I can laugh now but I felt awful yesterday.

Have you been to your doctor about your symptoms? Has your PMDD been diagnosed? You will need to see your doctor for better pain relief too.

Best wishes 💗


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