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Premenstrual Madness
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Dizzy, Tired, Headache, Tight Forehead?? 1 Week before period?

Last year around June of 2016 I started to get dizzy, tight headaches, flushed face, sweats, for about 1 week to 9 days before my period. It would always go about a day after my period started. It almost felt like vertigo. I've been to the doctors at last 3 times this year (2017) and did several blood and urine tests, along with ultrasounds, and they can't seem to pin point it, although one doctor did bring up the whole hormonal thing, and suggested I go on birth control, but I've read the side effects on birth control and its all the same symptoms as what I go through every month a week before my period starts. Tests came back negative, and they said my hormones were fine? yet all roads lead to these darn hormonal changes right before my period, because it's like clock work. It starts every month usually on the same day around the 23/25th, and lasts until the 2nd/3rd of the following month. I feel like crap for those 9 days, tired, eyes feel tight, tight forehead, dizzy, loss of balance (vertigo feeling). I'm 30 years old, turning 31 this year (2017) and I'm wondering if I'm going crazy?? Anyone else get this? (Pms/PMDD)? Im currently going through it right now on my 6th day, and its so draining.

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Hi Luxx! I wanted to share a couple articles with you about menstrual migraines--hopefully, something resonates.

The first one is about an interesting phenomenon that happens with other cycling women:


The second is about treatment options:


I want to support you in going with your gut. I understand not wanting to try birth control. Going on and off and adjusting your dose can make you feel like a lab rat! And if you decide to try it in the future, I support that too. Your well-being is most important!

Have you tried starting a regimen of NSAIDs a few days before the headaches start and leading up to your period? This has worked for my cramps and I wonder if it might have the same effect on headaches. Also, across the board, it seems that magnesium is a supplement every woman needs to be taking. I take a calcium, magnesium, and zinc supplement 1-3 times a day and feel I'd be lost without it!

Hang in there. It's not fun what you're going through but you're not alone!

Sending you lots of support!



Thanks Red. Are those symptoms of PMS/PMDD? My doctor cant diagnose it, but all roads lead to this, especially it being at the exact timing every month. I will try those pills. I've heard about taking aspirin/ibuprofen? I will try next month before it starts. Thank you!!


Would One A Day Woman's Multi Vitamin Advanced work? It has 15mg of Zinc- 500mg Calcium - & 50mg Magnesium.


I think you need near 400mg of magnesium, sonusually a multi vit plus mag supplement is needed.

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Ok, I'm going to give those a go when they get here.


Hello Luxx,

Your symptoms def could be PMDD.

I am in the UK and currently waiting to see a specialist gynaecologist for mine.

I'm having mine at the moment I'm Day 20 and have a right, tense neck muscles, headache every day, hip pain and cervix pain, like a dull ache. I progressively get more tired the close I get. Last month on day 26/27/28 I was literally bed bound with exhaustion.

I have tried multiple combined pills and progestogen only pills. Yasmin was ok for a bit but then was giving me 3-4 migraines a week so had to come off it. In my experience and opinion I think contraception pills make PMDD worse.

Yasmin is licensed for PMS though so it may help but if you have migraine especially with aura you must not take combined pills.

I've tried magnesium, 50mg of B6 but it didn't help unfortunately.

I am prescribed an anti inflammatory called mefenamic acid 500mg 2-3 times a day. I take it a week before my period starts and it helps with the cervix/hip pain but not usually with the menstural migraines which i usually get in day 1-2.

I would ask to see either a gynaecologist that has an interest in premenstrual disorders. Make sure you keep a track of your symptoms for at least 3 months if you don't do it already.

Things like lavender baths may help you unwind.

Menstrual migraine is awful. I am prescribed 50 mg of sumatriptan for those plus cocodamol too if needed.

Best wishes, keep chatting to us. We can all help each other.

Best wishes ❤️

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Its horrible, aint it?? I wouldn't mind the flushed face, hot flashes so much, but those darn headaches, with vertigo, dizzy feeling is just horrible. I get the tense muscles in the jaw, like your neck tense. I just took Ibuprofen, and it helped a lot, my face flushing has gone down along with the dizziness, but its still there. I wonder if Depo would get rid of this every month? I have heard depo can cause bone density loss, and I'm getting older...


I'm not sure about the depo. Possibly, as it if stops you ovulating it may help.

There is a mini pill called cerelle or cerazette that inhibits ovulation too, that could also help, bit less drastic than the depo. And reversible if it doesn't agree with you. I tried cerelle but it made my depression worse.

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Maybe I will just stick to the M,Z,C vitamin first and see how that goes.


There is evidence of magnesium and B6 can ease symptoms.

Vit C and zinc may help your general health which may help indirectly.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.


I've found this good info.



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