Premenstrual Madness

Thunderclap Migraine possible side effect of HRT/Prostap.🤕

Hello ladies.

I've had quite a week!

I was taken into hospital last Saturday night.

I had a really severe head pain. Phoned 111 for advice and they sent ambulance!!

I had CT scan. All ok. Then had to have a lumbar puncture to check that there were no signs of a brain bleed. Thankfully there was no sign. It turns out I had a thunderclap migraine!

Which was outrageously painful!

Was discharged last Sunday I've been in bed since then with a painful head.

I was told that it could be a side effect of the HRT. Or could possibly the prostap. This is really disappointing because I felt like I was getting on so well with the treatment. Finally today (seven days since it happened) the headache has subsided. I still feel a residue of it though. I'm exhausted and still feel like I can't be up for long.

Has anyone else experienced this? It was extremely painful and quiet frightening being whisked off into hospital so quickly. Bloody marvellous NHS care though. Very grateful for that.

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Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I didn't know they were even related. You might find this article interesting.


Thank you for the link Red85.

Interesting read about menopause and HRT.

It's probably not as straight forward as I hoped this treatment would be.

Seeing consultant tomorrow so hopefully he will have some advice.


Let us know how it goes!


Hello Yramyram,

Sound awful!

Glad you're feeling better now.

Could you describe the thunderclap migraine? I've never heard of it.

Best wishes 💗


Hi Clazzy78

Thunderclap is a good way to describe it as it came completely out of the blue. The pain started at the back of my neck and moved up over the top of my head spreading out and clamping my head with very accute pain. So much so I was unable to speak or cry.

I wanted to cry as it was so painful but crying would have made it hurt more.

The pain intensified for about two minutes and then subsided to a more manageable level of pain, although still the worst pain I've ever felt in my head.

It was really horrible and after being discharged from hospital I stayed in bed in the dark for a week with a migraine.

I hope it's s one off.

Good news is that Gynaecologist has said that it is very unlikely that it was HRT. If anything it could be that the dose isn't high enough. I'm to see if the general headaches increase. If so he will adjust the dose.

I think it's likely that the thunderclap was caused by stress as I am dealing with some difficult things at the moment.


You know, that sounds like my migraines. Mine often start with intense pain and stiffness in my neck, and I get a pressing pain all over my head with pain usually concentrated over my right eye. It sometimes can last 3 or 4 days. I don't think mine are as bad as what you had but I have to lie down and can't do anything when I get one.

I hope you don't have one like you had again. It sounds awful.

My period has just started today and I feel like the claustrophobic, suffocating, mood swings have gone. I went mad at my man yesterday because he left the lid off some bottle.

Shouted at my twins was awful. Horrible migraines since last Friday coming every afternoon.

My mefenamic acid didn't seemed to help the migraines this month, so I had to take some Frovatriptan.

Fed up of it every month.

Thanks for the info. Best wishes 💗


Your migraines sound awful.

Are you getting treatment for your pmdd? I presume your migraines are linked to your period.

I really hope you feel better soon.

It is so hard dealing with pmdd already let alone with a migraine thrown in!

AND twins!

Bless you!

Not surprised you shouted at your partner with al that going on.

Hang in there.



lol, thanks.

Yes I am finally being referred for the PMDD.

I'm 38 now and suffered so long but it's getting worse the older I get.

I've had a blood test too.

Even 10 years ago I wasn't this bad. The migraines are horrendous though, they interrupt my life so much.

Hope you feel better soon x 💗


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