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What hormones!!

14 days before my period starts with a dread feeling. I don't sleep well normally but will be awake at 3 during this time. I'm not able to get back to sleep, but I go with the flow on this now. I get Panic feelings and not wanting to like anyone. Its Like I am a different person. Sensitive to noise. Loss of appetite. But eat cos I have too. Then can experience the runs after eating. This last for 2 weeks then get period.

I have been taking 125 mg of thyroxine

1x250mg St. John's wort

1x500mg starflower oil

1x b complex

last Month I didn't get anxiety but had 2 weeks of stomach pain?

I do suffer from anxiety and can have low mood at times but whatever happens 14 days into my cycle must exacerbate My psychological symptoms.

I am also a chronic blusher and when I get anxious I flush badly from the neck up which stays with me until I calm down. Skin specialist says they cannot do anything for it. In fact he told me

That you don't see it in older people so eventually it would go away! I'm 40!

Does anyone know if the gp's in the U.K. Will test for hormone deficiency. I had a similar spell 14 years ago post partum before being diagnosed with under active thyroid with antibodies and the dr said then that testing hormones is a waste of time. It seems so complicated that I don't really know what else to do?

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Hello Faybee a few years after I got fed up with my symptoms and asked for blood tests,. I'd only asked to check thyroid function, but he tested for lots of other blood levels too, since the problem was long-term..

The problem about testing for hormone levels is that it does not take into account that individual women will vary in their sensitivity to hormones. .

I have gone down the route of using the pill and antidepressants.. but if you do this you would have to wait for the st John's wort to get out of your system first, since it interacts with both types of meds.

Welcome to health unlocked, I've dipped into the depression forums here, you'll find them useful too.. it's a shame that premenstrual madness doesn't have a wider membership though,


Thanks for your response, gardengnome! I wanted to emphasize what you said about individual women's varying hormone sensitivities. This is key. The same hormonal fluctuations in another woman might not cause our symptoms.

Also, excellent caution around the St. John's Wort. It may be over-the-counter but it will interact with prescription medications.

I, too, hope that Premenstrual Madness' membership will grow with time. Until then, thank you so much for your contribution and feel free to PM me with any thoughts or suggestions you may have.

Peace and health!


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Welcome, Faybee. I'm so glad you're reaching out for support. Although our membership is still growing, you can see you're not alone.

My intention with this forum is to offer social support while we're going through what can be a very private struggle. Feel free to post about symptoms, helpful tips and advice, as well as offering support to others. We often heal ourselves through helping others.

Remember to go slow and be gentle with yourself. Give yourself the same understanding you would give to a loved one and treat yourself with care.

Our symptoms can make us feel like complete basket-cases sometimes but know that while your symptoms may be distressing, they are just that-symptoms. They are not indicative of character flaws or shortcomings. You continue to be same vital, unique individual regardless of how you act or feel.

Peace and health.


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