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PMDD Ruining relationships - New member!

Relationship ruining mood swings over here! Help! They can be under control for months and the voila! They appear and I lose my job or make myself look seriously crazy! Gah! Has anyone had success in stopping this from happening? I know that it's PMDD because within 2 days of the episode, I get my period! I have been working so hard to get my BS at a major University and I just prematurely quit my research associate internship because my boss was a bit frustrated with me. Any advice?

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I used to suffer with something similar actually and nearly had a trolley rage incident many years ago in a supermarket!! The stuff that they gave me via the hosp doctor didn't help but I have found taking 1000mg of evening primrose oil everyday of the month continuously seems to help my mood swings. It's pretty cheap and available everywhere. For me a great blessing! I hope this helps :)

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I hear you! Awareness is a HUGE peace. Track your period and on hard days,try not to schedule a lot. On those days, you can take it easy and hide out if you need to. We're here to help. Keep posting and pm me if you need to. You're not crazy! Your hormones are! Just know that you're not alone. Peace and love,Red


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