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I'm Rebecca and I have been diagnosed with pmdd. And I am currently showing signs of Endometriosis although I have not had a laparoscopy due to my large size. I am currently taking prostap (first injection 3 weeks ago) and am having a horrendous time. I just wondered if there was anyone on here to talk to. My pmdd is ruining my life, work, family and relationships and I really don't know what to do anymore. I've done terrible things and I feel so helpless.

Rebecca :(

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Hi Rebecca. I'm very sorry to hear you're having a really difficult time with it all 😞. Is the prostrap for suspected endometriosis, pmdd or both?


Thanks for replying Christina, the prostap was originally for the pmdd. However, I had no idea what endo was or that it existed and since the injection I've had a huge flare up of pain. I then went through my period history and discovered I've had bouts of pain like this since starting ky period at 9 years old. I've been hospitalised 4 times with abdominal pain but they always suspected something else and it didn't even click for me to link it to my periods which were always present each time! So now I suspect I've had endo all along as well. But it is the pmdd for me that is the most crippling of illnesses and its so hard to explain to anyone. They just look at you like your mad! And to be honest I feel like I am.

I have another consultants appointment today, I really don't know what to expect from now on as I'm still going through the same symptoms. I'm going to ask him for more time off work, I'm emotionally unable to cope with much right now I just hope he understands.



Becky Ive sent you a message x


Hi, Rebecca. I know how tough it can be. You behave in ways you wouldn't otherwise, saying and doing things completely out of character for you. On top of that, PMDD is still under-recognized thus, people might not be as understanding about your symptoms. It's too much for any one person to deal with on her own which is why I created this support forum. I'e suffered for years with this and felt that no matter what medical treatment I received, what I wanted most was someone who understood. Well, we understand. We've all had those times when we wished we could sleep through it, said and done things we later regret, even felt suicidal month after month. I'm here to tell you, you're still you, no matter how outrageous your behavior or thoughts. We are here to support you and share in your disappointments, frustrations, and successes. You are very brave and the fact that you are seeking help speaks volumes about your character. Please take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Post any time, day or night!

Peace and love,



Hi Becky, there are so many women out there suffering with PMDD myself and my sister did terribly, the mood swings are horrendous!! I would go from wanting to scream at someone and worse!! To thinking about how I could end it all!! Apart from talking to my sister I kept it to myself as I thoughtbpeoplevwould think I was mad !! I didn't know forums like this existed!! I wish I had known. I was forever apologising to my fella!! He's a fantastic person but I know he despaired of me at could he understand!! He couldn't feel how I felt!! I did work with a girl many years ago and she would smash the house up!! And physically fight her partner. It's so frustrating to think how many of us suffer in silence because we feel like we should just get on with it!! How many years has this been a problem for women and there loved ones and not enough is being done about it. You are brave, you came on here and spoke about it and went to see your doctor. I hope you get your pain under control soon and keep going back to the doctors until you feel you're getting the help you need. It's not your fault, and your doing something positive about it. Keep strong Becky 🙏🏻x

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