Perimenopause and breast pain

Hi there girls,

I'm in perimenopause and have had the sorest of breasts. They sort of itch also. They have been so sore that if I hadn't had a period, I would have sworn that I was pregnant. I'm not but it sure feels that way. :/. My periods go from a couple of months apart to a couple of weeks apart. I can't wait for them to just stop, Just wondering if anyone has had this also and is there anything natural that helped.

Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi, Lbk64! Welcome to the group! Sore breasts can be "such a pain!" While I'm not an expert on the subject, I do know that fluid retention can definitely exacerbate the problem so watch your salt intake. Keeping a record of diet, menstrual cycle, exercise and medications along with your symptoms may also be helpful. If you can find a pattern in your symptoms, you may be able to pinpoint one or more variables (like diet or hormonal fluctuations) that you can modulate or at least learn to predict and plan accordingly.

    I found an article that might prove useful on a site I like to visit that's by women, for women:

    The article indicates topical iodine and lymphatic massage as well. If you end up trying either of these, let us know how they work!

    Good luck and keep us posted!


  • Hi Red, thank you so much for the info and feedback. I'll take a look at the site and I'll definitely try both the iodine and the massage.

    I'll keep you posted on progress.

    Kind regards


  • Hi there 😊 I also experienced this previously (pre menstrually) so I do sympathise with you greatly. It's very uncomfortable isn't it 😞. I once tried primrose oil upon recommendation (and out of sheer desperation) and unfortunately for me it didn't help. (However that's not to say it isn't effective for anyone else). You could try a b complex vitamin or magnesium but whether these will help? I don't have any medical info to back this up but these are helpful viatmins/minerals for some people. (Sorry I can't be more helpful)

  • Hi Christina.

    Thank you for replying. Ihave tried evening primrose oil and also had no good results. It actually made things worse. I take a methylated b complex and magnesium. They don't really help but at least they don't make things worse.

    Again, thank you for responding :) it is much appreciated.

  • You're very welcome. Yeah it made things worse for me too unfortunately. Would love to know if anyone has indeed found something that's alleviated that issue.

  • Hey, how are your symptoms? I was just reading an article that mentioned eating flax for breast pain--ever heard of that?

  • Right, sorry to come back here and post again, but something has just occurred to me and it may be relevant to this post?!?! Ive recently had a thyroid urine test done and my results showed I am quite deficient in Iodine even though my thyroid levels appear to be okay. Through reading through information provided on the thyroid forum and research online it appears iodine is important for breast issues. Just to clarify though, I am in no way making any suggestions to start supplementing with it, as it can be contradicted in some people with thyroid issues, and as im not medical trained in any way, I can't presume to know much about it, but it could be one of many contributing factors as to why breast pin appears in pms/pmdd. (Again I do stress it's a possibility) It merely is just a suggestion (im not trying to pluck answers out of thin air by no means) and supplementation should maybe be done under supervision, but just to let you know. X

  • Hi Christina, interestingly, someone suggested topical may have been Red I believe. As I'm not comfortable taking iodine in supplement form I am putting a bit on each breast after showering. I must say that it seems to be helping a little bit. Thank you again for your thoughts and suggestions. I think you are definitely on to something with the iodine deficiency and pms breast pain thing :)

  • That's great news 😊 im so happy to hear it's helping. It just occurred to me to maybe mention just incase, but if Red already suggested it to you then I do apologise. Ive also just read a study on women suffering with mastalgia (doesn't state it's pms related) but the women who were in the study were considered eurothyroid. The results of the study state that in certain doses iodine was effective in treating breast pain! It's excellent news that's it's helping you, please keep us posted if you continue to see further improvements with it. I hope you are able to relieve this issue regardless of what you use or do to treat it. 😊 x

  • Please don't apologize. I appreciate your help and advice. Sometimes hearing the same information more than once can be affirmation that the advice is the correct course to take. I will definitely keep you posted on my progress. Thank you once again.