Hi all, pretty new to this... Basically just wish to know if anyone knows of a doctor who offers the injection they use to shut down ovaries, b4 i decide to go ahead with hysto.. Ive previously seen professor Studd, but due to my pmdd getting worse was unable to stay in employment & unable to keep up with his fees etc... (Well travelling to london just for blood tests, even when i offered to get the exact ones he requested done & sent to him, but he declined this n just decided to stop replying to me- bit rude & unprofessional) Vicious circle ey... So ive been referred by my NHS doctor to Gyno to discuss hysterectomy, but this will most probably take months to come through & i kinda need help now, as the psychosis, dillusional behaviour & suicidal thoughts are becoming too extreme & obviously destroying my life... Ive contacted dr Penay, but he has no appointments till DecemberšŸ˜³... So any info would be greatly appreciated thanks xx

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  • Hi there. Professor Studd is who I saw regarding all my issues. Did he offer you any treatment at all? Would you be able to explain or talk me through how far you got with Prof Studd if you don't mind?

  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. A monthly bout of horrific symptoms is absolutely exhausting and no one should have to put up with it. While I can't advise you medically, I can say that environmental stress affects PMDD. Don't forget to address the things that affect you daily. If you need to access social programs for life's necessities, do it. Also, track your triggers and try to avoid them (people, activities, situations). While trying to eliminate the harmful, be sure to add in plenty of the helpful and healing like quiet, rejuvenating activities, daily affirmations/positive things that happened during the day, and spending time with people or animals who ease your stress and make you feel better. Know that you are not alone, you're not a bad person, and you can vent to the women on this forum without judgment.

    Peace and healing,


  • What a lovely reply thank you so much its very appreciated xx

  • We love you and we care about you!

  • I found this for you. It sounds like a resource I would use for myself when I'm not feeling my best. We have one like it through my counseling center in New Orleans LA US

    London Distress Center

    Distress line: (519) 667-6711

    Crisis Response: (519) 433-2023

  • Thank you for going to the trouble of finding this, i will check it out xxx

  • Hello Userpmdd,

    May I ask if the doctor who suggested this can guarantee that it will ease your symptoms? I have never heard of it but it seems such a drastic measure. I apologise if this is a silly question as I realise your post natal depression must be terribly bad for you to consider this treatment.


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