Hello. I am new here. I am a 30 y/o with two lovely sons (3 and almost 7). I was recently diagnosed with PMDD. This scares the shit out of me. It has literally taken me over. I am not me for half of the month. Even as Im typing this Im in the middle of an anxiety attack which Ive had all day long. My doctor prescribed me Prozac 20 mg. Can anyone tell me what their PMDD was like or what medications were used? I feel like the worst mother in the world :(

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  • Hi,

    I couldn't help but respond to your post.

    I think this is a great forum and was grateful for the kind response I received from red85 a couple of weeks back (even though I forgot to respond as those of us with anxiety tend to do).

    Teemarie, I am sorry to hear about your issue. Totally understand how frightening it can be. It seems like you are being really tough on yourself. If you have only recently got a diagnosis you are probably still coming to terms and processing it. You are doing better than you think are.

  • I'm curious if anyone got their hormones checked or just a PMDD diagnosis

  • I'm so sorry you're going through this right now. Welcome anyway though--this is a safe place, no judgment here. I can guarantee you that while you may FEEL like the worst mother in the world, you are NOT. The fact that you are here, the fact that you're noticing and seeking out help shows that you care very much.

    And whatever you're thinking about that you've said or done that makes you awful--know that you're in good company. I've had days where I thought I might need an exorcist! I'm only half-kidding! There were days I couldn't drag myself out of bed and I was crying all the time or days where I'd rip somebody's head off if they looked at me wrong.

    Just take a moment and breathe. You're not alone.

  • I was diagnosed with extremely severe PMDD when I was 27. (Now 31). It seemed to stem from post pregnancy at 24. I managed to find a PMDD expert who felt I was intolerant to Progesterone. So I started trial of HRT and sure enough when I took the Progesterone, it resulted in the pre menstrual symptoms. Long story short I couldn't tolerate Progesterone at all so I had a total hysterectomy at 28 and now just take add back Oestrogen and testosterone. Do you have hashimotos? And if so what antibodies confirmed your diagnosis? I can give you details of my specialist if you wish? Also I recently discovered that Progesterone stimulates the thyroid and can lead to worsening in symptoms in some women pre menstrually, (me being one of them).

  • No. I just kept a journal of the past three months charting my anxiety and depression. It got worse around my period and during my period. I went to my OBGYN and was crying begging to have my hormones checked and they refused. They said I have PMDD and gave me a prescription for Prozac. They didnt do any kind of testing.

  • Hiya could i get details of the specialist you used please xx

  • Also there's a possibility your blood work will show up normal with regards to your hormone levels (mine was). Also a lot of people talk about estrogen dominance which really wasn't the issue (with me and a lot of other women). For whatever reason it was the rising levels of progesterone that caused the problem. I had a distinct 10 day period prior to my menses every month were I was incapacitated physically and mentally by it. I was fortunate to identify it was progesterone through trying HRT supplementation. (The pill caused these symptoms and anything that contained progesterone hormone wise) But this in actual fact was a thyroid issue all along. I had the same reaction to iodine recently, as I did with progesterone previously.

  • Are you from the UK?

  • Thats how I am. Its either 7 to 10 days before my period and during my period I turn into a totally different person. I am not, I am from the states. Here it is way different from there. You guys actually have doctors that are willing to help more.

  • I really sympathise with how you are suffering. I was prescribed antidepressants initially, they didn't work at all, I tried various ones, I eventually had to take antipsychotics (just before finding an expert gynae) and that only took the edge off the mental symptoms, the physical symptoms were just as bad. The specialist I saw was a man named Professor John Studd, (world expert) he is one of two people in the UK that treat this condition (he trained the other one). Please google his name and it will bring up his website which explains what hormones to use, at what doses etc, he talks about women being misdiagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder when it's actually a hormonal problem etc. If you could find an open minded gynae and take Professor Studd's information to them then hopefully (fingers crossed) you might be treat it. I know others from your side of the pond have done this and found much sought after relief by following his protocol.

  • Yes! I definantly will! Its interesting to see what other doctors around the world have to say. Here they are very quick to give you a pill, they make so much off of it here it is sad to be honest. I mean if I needed it that would be different but my thing is if it IS hormonal an antidepressant is not going to fix that hormone. And I know I had a very bad time when I was on my first birth control (IUD). It made me completely manic and crazy. Then after I took it out I was fine. I now have Paragard which is hormone free and it has been good for me.

  • From what you said about your reaction to the IUD it really does sound like you have problems with progesterone. I really don't think it's an imbalance of hormones you have, it's the reaction to the surge/uprising of Progesterone each month. I hope you can get your doctor/gynae to work with you on this, Professor Studd literally saved my life, I am so grateful to have found him. But, I would say, you also should have a full thyroid panel including all antibodies tested for (and periodically too). If you have any unexplained vitamin deficiencies aswell, then this does sound like thyroid could be behind all of this. (Obviously I hope not if you do have multiple things which may seem unrelated, there could actually be something underlying causing it) If you need any information please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Im hoping! I go Tuesday to get a second opinion from another doctor. I dont know much about Progesterone and stuff like that. I know that my test they did came back like this:

    Tsh Rfx On Abnormal To Free T4

    0.679 in the normal range being 0.450-4.500

  • and i just googled the iud i had (nexplanon) and it says that it releases a continous amount of progestin?

  • Basically, 14-10 days prior to your actual mense both Estrogen and Progesterone (sex hormones rise) the both peak just before the bleed, both hormones rise, (I think Estrogen rises higher than progesterone), then all levels drop fairly abruptly once the mense starts. Because of this lots of medical professionals or alternative health practitioners believe women with PMS/PMDD have an estrogen dominance/progesterone deficiency, so they may buy progesterone creams to try and help with symptoms. But, in actual fact it's the rise of the Progesterone (nothing to do with the ratios of the hormones) that causes the problems. If you react to the IUD, I can almost categorically tell you I think you are the same as I was, intolerant to progesterone (for whatever reason). Professor Studd uses Estrogen to suppress a patients cycle along with the use of testosterone. He will give the mildest, more tolerable form of progesterone each month (to produce a bleed) for the shortest duration possible, and if you react to the progesterone (like I did) then it confirms its the problem. Your thyroid TSH level is within range, but more toward the lower end but thyroid but a full panel including antibodies would need to be done, and ideally when you feel at your worst too. If a thyroid condition was behind it, then the general thyroid bloodwork may seem okay (everything within range) but antibodies may be present, which would indicate you had an underlying cause. But it can take months of not years for this to show up so you would have to ensure you got tested for these periodically. It's well known and documented that an underactive thyroid causes PMS problems and if it's Hashimoto's thyroiditis (then it can mean that the immune system causes problems pre menstrually because when progesterone rises it stimulates the thyroid gland causing an autoimmune attack. hashimotos thyroiditis can cause the thyroid to swing from underactive to overactive (it usually stays on the underactive side). It's just something to bear in mind. Even if your told it's okay, stay vigilant and keep asking for full blood work because so many people have problems with thyroid conditions which cause allsorts of other stuff, PMS/PMDD issues being one of them.

  • Yes also the IUD would've caused problems because it releases Progesterone into your system, so if you do have issues with this then it's no wonder you reacted as badly as you did.

  • im def going to bring that up to him on tuesday and now would probably be the best time to start it and then check again during my period maybe and then again later. its tricky how all this works but your information just really helped me alot. i appreciate that so much! i just dont know what else to do. i was telling my best friend i was half tempted to have my stuff taken out just to feel better. its driving me crazy cuz it could be so much stuff. i would just rather know now then later.

  • Your very welcome. I'm really not surprised you feel like that, I eventually did opt for that because i just couldn't tolerate progesterone at all, not even in the smallest dose for the shortest duration. Nothing helped, no alternative treatments or anything. It was a hormonal issues that needed to be treated with hormones. I was beyond desperate by the time I sought help from my specialist. I think there may be one or two specialists in the states who are aware of the progesterone problem amongst some of us, I will report back if I can obtain the exact details of who it is. But otherwise the info ive provided already will give you some better understanding of how to treat it. (Also your specialist can email professor Studd) he does respond and he would be more than happy to give any help or explanations where he can, if you decide to go down that route of treatment.

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