Premenstrual Madness Community Guidelines

1) This is a space for women to express themselves FREE OF JUDGMENT. Please afford others the same understanding that you hope to receive.

2 )That said, keep all posts and replies RESPECTFUL, regardless of difference in opinions or beliefs.

3 )We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for TROLLING. If the administration misses something that concerns you, please feel free to bring it to my attention.

4) While thoughtful suggestions are appreciated, try to limit any unsolicited advice. Users are encouraged to set their own boundaries around what they're seeking in a post ( just venting, in need of advice, no advice please, etc.).

5) In the spirit of improving mental and physical health, be mindful of "should-ing" yourself and others. "Should" is a word often loaded with judgment and while it's deeply ingrained in the popular vernacular, we can begin to be mindful of how these statements affect us and those around us.

6) Suggestions for helpful resources and articles are always welcome, self-serving promotion and marketing is NOT.

7) Spirituality is an important part of many people's lives and thus, can be a very sensitive subject. Please do not proselytize, or evangelize on this forum.

8 )All discussions on this forum are CONFIDENTIAL and as such, should not be shared with others. Please do not re-post anything from the forum.

9) When replying to other users' posts, please be cognizant of the length and content of your replies and try to remain on topic. If someone's post inspires you to write about a personal experience, I encourage you to write a separate post so as to give each user the time and space they need to discuss their issue.

10) Anyone who does not adhere to these guidelines or engages in any type of abuse, forfeits the right to post on this forum.