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baby marmots... and puzzle have fun

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Awww they are so gorgeous😁Its way past my sleep time ,00.47 UK so I'll do the puzzle tomorrow. Thank you

How cute Wallowa. Another accomplished sketch and you are spoiling us with some lovely puzzles! 🙏

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thank you so kindly!

Lovely drawing of sweet baby marmots, and thank you for the puzzle too. 🙂👍🧩

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Thank you! :)

This is great Wallowa, they are so cute. I used to work with a woman who told me that after seeing these in the wild in Switzerland, they became her favourite wild animal and I thought of her when I saw your drawing. Great jigsaw too, thanks. xx

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thanks so much!

Thats really lovely, thank you for sharing

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thank you!

Thank you xxx

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These are cute . You have your own unique style .

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this is the season the marmots come out! and thank you!

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