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The return of the hug

It was mentioned in a news broadcast this morning that the PM has said we can cautiously return to hugging when the last lot of national restrictions are removed in June. We are to 'use our common sense' is the advice on how to proceed.

I've tended to treat each and every safety edict with the greatest of respect throughout the pandemic, and been almost sceptical as they've been removed, (and at times replaced), and often thought that it was too much too soon.

But I'm going in for this one! Never mind pubs, restaurants, holidays in foreign places. Of all the things I've missed the hug is it! Of course I'll be as careful as I can, but frankly I can scarcely wait!

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We have a family gathering (re-scheduled from before Christmas) soon after the lifting of restrictions. We will be coming from five different counties from most areas of the UK ( South-East, South West, Midlands, The North and Scotland) - but we have all had two vaccinations, so it should not be a "super spreader event".

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That sounds wonderful S11m. It really is about just thinking things through sensibly. Wishing you a terrific and happy reunion!👍

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focused1Reading Rabbits

I am in 2 minds about this - maybe closer family but why wear masks if we are going to do this .

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Isinatra in reply to focused1

Lots still to discuss. Here in the US , because of lack of research, our country’s top medical advisors have said that our vaccinations may not protect us adequately against the variants. Of course we have 50 states, which means 50 different guidelines, no matter what our highly educated medical advisors say. They do say to continue to wear masks until more research is done on the variants and protect the more vulnerable, even if they have been vaccinated. Leaving good judgement up to the individual hasn’t worked for us, obviously. The US is a good example of what not to do. The upside, you can always wear a mask when you hug. ❤️🏄‍♀️

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focused1Reading Rabbits in reply to Isinatra

My son lives in Sacramento and people actually shout out to those not wearing a mask in the shopping mall . Here in UK I see quite a few not wearing masks whilst shopping but myself and others seem to look and say nothing.

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Isinatra in reply to focused1

I guess it depends on which location you hear or see those stories. I live in a fair size place in Florida. I haven’t encountered rudeness yet from either camp of mask wearing opinion. Sure, when I see someone not wearing a mask I mutter “things” under my breath, but I would hate to have to apologize to someone who might have a legitimate reason for not wearing one. Being rude to someone usually doesn’t bring the results you want in the first place.❤️🏄‍♀️

I guess it's because the simple act of breathing in and out can cause us to share breath in the close proximity of a hug, and as we've learned more about it, it's become clearer that the virus is spread most readily in droplets in the air. This is at great odds with what we were first led to understand at the beginning. I do believe that, had masks been readily available at the outset, or we had been been advised to use makeshift mouth and nose coverings, our rate of infection would have been greatly reduced. As it is, it's still very important to use hand hygiene, but not quite as critical as using face coverings. I think that if you feel cautious about this, it might be better just not to indulge until you are comfortable, as there's no guarantee at all that hugging a family member is going to be safer than hugging anyone else.

All variants are a reason not to be happy, yet. I have to keep hope we will win the battle, in time. Be a warrior.❤️🏄‍♀️

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Mratl83Reading Rabbits

Hey Callendersgal great post great beautiful couple in the picture. Here in the US, the President said that people can freely be around each other in groups and they also will be able to hug according to his analogy he stated this may take place sometime in July. But like you pointed out perfectly my dear friend which i totally agree with your insight on that, i myself treat every safty edict with great dignity & respect its just completely unbelievable how i see groups of people standing around having conversations without face mask its like they dont have a care in the world for there on being or people in there surroundings. I feel really bad when people come and try to hug me in the public, without a mask, and i have to tell them this is not a good, time, but like my dad always say my goal is to make it back home safely to my family. I miss hugs to but like you said i can scarcely wait.

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Thank you Mratl83, and it's been hard on us all hasn't it? It is difficult when you have to remind others to be properly socially distant, but it's for the good of us all, no matter how anti-social it may feel. It is hard to realise that many people really don't see or feel the need to stay safe and put not only themselves but others in jeopardy.Anyway, hopefully we'll soon be able to have all the hugs we crave! 👍😊🙏

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Mratl83Reading Rabbits in reply to

You made some, excellent and enlightenment points which i totally agree with every single word that you said. Social distance is for our well being and safety the part that really scares me, we have know idea whos infected members of the CDC, scientist said that some people can be infected and not even know it, and they may can transfer it to someone else that may have a negative effect on them. Yes some people just have that i dont care mentality if i catch it then oh well, those kind of people i stay far away from my friend because they are dangerous. Thats the absolute truth hopefully we will be able to hug and be around people, really soon psychiatrist thinks that hugs is for the dopamine in the brain and it heals us when we are stressed which i totally agree with that statement.

Hi Sue, we are getting there slowly but surely and a little hug won't go a miss now and again to our loved ones . I hope you have had a nice weekend . Clive X 🤗

Hi Clive, it's been such a pleasant weekend, excluding the weather. Much quieter than last weekend and nowhere much to go, but sometimes that's a blessing. I've enjoyed some cooking and some eating! Hope yours was pleasant too! x

nice message - i dont do a lot of hugging anyway - what i am looking forward to is the day we can visit people outside out bubble cautiously indoors with social distance

Great idea!

I was never keen on hugging, near-strangers flinging themselves on me - yuk. It has been a funny old time, I hope all the huggers are pleased but hopefully will do it with discretion.

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