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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Sometimes we all need alone time.

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Sometimes I need to be alone in quiet places. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy my time being myself and examine my life openly and honestly. Spending a quiet time alone does good for my peace of mind and gives my mind an opportunity to renew and create order. This means nothing is badly wrong in my life, but I need that time to create the space for the pursuit of the soul, recover, think, rest and just be. And today is just the perfect day for me to do that.

The sun is out,life is more inviting and life is beginning to normalise,and i give thanks for all those who have held things together in the most difficult year of our lives.


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Hi Roddy, Alone is vastly different to loneliness and it's absolutely possible to experience both separately. Alone-ness is really renewing with none of the restlessness or distress of loneliness. It's sheer pleasure to sit and listen to silence or near silence, away from human company, or together in the peace of meditation. The small sounds are welcome. Bird-song, running water, the wind rustling the leaves of the trees or ocean waves lapping. Or even a far off clock chiming the hour, a quietly ticking clock, or church bells ringing from afar.I hope you enjoy your quiet and reflective day.

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So well put and thank you.x

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You are so right Sue, I live on my own and live my own company, but I also like being amongst people when I'm at work. But my mum was very different, as she hated her own company my brother and sister lived with her at the family home but mum was often on her own as one works nights, one days, mum sometimes rang me 6,7,8 times not for any reason, just to hear someone's voice, and she said to me once she'd been like it since she was a child

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oh yes,all of these.x

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Yes there is nothing like sitting out in your back garden, on a nice summer's day, put your feet up! Make sure your TV is off! Maybe a cold drink, if the sun is hot enough, sunglasses on. No guests, let the cobwebs disappear, maybe a short nap! Enjoy that fresh air! and relax!🌞🌞😎👍👍

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