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Out and about,its good for the soul.

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This morning I drove to Weston Super mare to collect my friend Sheila,to take her to an eye specialist 20 miles away,she has the beginnings of failing eyesight,and i told her not to even think of driving there herself because after prodding around her eyes for 2 hours it would be very unwise to do so,but as is my wont,the satnav wanted to take me halfway across Somerset to WSM,but i got there in the end.,and i was more than happy to oblige,and sat in the car reading a book for 2 hours was so enjoyable on a warm and sunny day.

However,on our return we popped into the Windsor Castle for lunch,no,not that Windsor Castle,a pub,and very good it was too,sat outside eating fine Fish,chips,peas and salad,while Sheila had Gammon & pineapple,chips ,salad and peas.It suddenly felt life was beginning to return to normal,in a quiet but responsible way.

When i finally arrived home,i was drinking coffee,and the doorbell went,and it was my good friend Rose,who i had'nt seen for over a year,she was still very anxious about entering the house,so we went out into the garden and chatted for about 2 hours,and it was a delight to have a good long natter,and hopefully we can do it again very soon.

And so at long last we are emerging from our forced isolation and as long as folk stay to the guidelines life will improve on every level.

Its certainly taught me how much our freedom matters.

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As always secrets, a great and interesting post - thanks for sharing. It was very good of you to do that for your friend and I'm sure she appreciated it. I'm glad you enjoyed your day. x

From one who can’t socialize much, but would like to, your narrative felt very real. I could almost feel the sunshine when you were sitting outside, and reading your book in your car. Sharing comfortable conversation with a friend. I didn’t realize how I missed that part of life. The way you told it made all the difference. Thank you, my friend. ❤️🏄‍♀️

Sounds like you've had a lovely day. I'm so please for you. Yes it makes such a difference to be able to do these things again.I haven't see any of my friends for a long time,- my two closest friends I haven't seen since February last year. I had lunch in the garden of my favourite cafe on Tuesday- on my own, but I enjoyed it so much. Even a short train journey to the next town the other day gave me so much pleasure. I too hope that people will stick to the guidelines.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed". A little quote which puts into words your act of kindnessSecrets22. There is always a time when we need a friend and who knows when but there will be a time when we too need help. I'm sure your friend was deeply appreciative.

It sounds like you've had a lovely, liberating day, sitting in the car with nowhere to rush off to Reading a book strikes me as the best part of it 😊xx

Sounds lovely Roddy. Just the little things.......

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