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No-one is Perfect

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No-one is Perfect,

No-one at All.

We All make Mistakes,

We All, get to Fall.


Stay Down, if you Have to,

or Get Up, and Go.

There is no Dishonour,

Mistakes help you Grow


Some days may Seem

Like they go on Forever

just DO what you Can,

and Never, say 'Never'


Your Life, is Important,

You made it, This Far.

Somebody Loves You,

The way that you Are


No-one is Perfect,

No-one, You Know.

We all make Mistakes,

Mistakes help you Grow

9 Replies

Hi my nebour in my other house said when I was doing d I y he was a carpenter age 84,don't worry if you make mistakes as that's how you learn and that's true about everything in life, I used to get upset when I couldn't again perfectionism and thought people wouldn't like me if I had all the faults I have I realise this isn't true 🤗🌟

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I like the simplicity of the words in your poem especially so the last two lines. Its always been that way.

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That's True. Bless.

I love that Headman!

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That is the truest of sentiments put in the most beautiful and gentle way. I would love to read this to my granddaughter one day, with your permission?? Thank you for sharing it with us xx

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Headman in reply to leo60

You're Welcome, Bless

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This is a great poem Headman and the last verse is so true. Thanks for sharing. x

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Lovely words and very wise. Thank you for sharing😊

I love it, thank you 😘

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