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Evening grosbeak and a puzzle

Haven't seen one of these around here yet but they do live here. Drew it to help understand the look and markings for when they do start hanging around in the treetops. I take it back... I may have seen one in a treetop near the horse barn, but wasn't close enough to tell and didn't have binoculars in my truck.

So here's a simple puzzle for fun because I thought it would be pretty. I find making and doing them keeps my mind off some hard things for a few minutes, so I have renewed energy to deal with them.


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I agree with you Wallowa, anything that provides a distraction is very welcome. Thank you for another puzzle.🙂👍🪶🧩

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This is a pretty bird too Wallowa, the females look like the female chaffinch here. A great sketch and I enjoyed the jigsaw too, thanks. xx

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Thanks. You mentioned the chaffinches a while ago so I looked them up. They are very like our goldfinches here, especially the "lesser goldfinches". These birds have some similar marking but are bigger. I grabbed two drawings and combined them on a PowerPoint slide so I can show you the differences.

Evening grossbeak and male American goldfinch for comparisons.
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Have a look at the video of the UK female chaffinch, although the female grosbeak is much more colourful and probably bigger, I thought they looked quite similar.


This is the male goldfinch which is much more colourful than the female.


They are all such lovely birds aren't they. Are any of your birds over there in decline?

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I do see that the beak in this image is a bit bigger than the other photos I saw!

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My hubby didn't agree with me either! 😂

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Couldn't agree more about your puzzles Wallowa. I really look forward to them. They don't take too long to do and are fun. And this is another fine bird and I hope you spot him soon!


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