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Even those who outwardly have everything,usually have heartache

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Heard from my long time friend Susan who lives in Knightsbridge,and outwardly she's had a charmed life,but the reality is very different,she has a very beautiful married daughter Clair, who has two little children, and lives in a lovely country house in Gloucestershire with a devoted husband, but Clair has stage 3 cancer and has gone through the mill big time,and recently she said to her mother ,''Mother,you do realise i will die before you'' Sue was broken to put it mildly,and then Clair said,''But its alright,because i will never have to suffer old age'',😭

And then on top of all this,Susan has a son,Kevin,a lovely guy, who has never been able to work due to serious mental/anxiety health problems,and his mother worries for him so much,as she herself has major health problems.

The moral of this truth is,no matter how comfortably well off you are,there is often a price to pay,and we should not ever think some people have it all,because they dont,they might have plenty of resources but they often have their fair share of heartaches along the way.

Never be envious of what some people might have materially,because the bottom line is,even they know suffering,no one is immune from emotional or physical pain.😢

be kind,be thoughtful and never judge the cover.x

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That’s so true, money means nothing in the end, health is wealth, , that’s such a sad story.

Look at all the famous people who have died young , all the money in the world couldn’t save them, there for the grace of God go I .

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I saw Coleen Nolan on pearc morgans life story's them Nolan's had rough time one was sexually abused by dad then 3 had breast cancer one died another terminal and break ups in her marriages I don't think there's such a thing as a happy life and often the more people have the more they want or want to change things 🤔😺

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Yes I saw it too, we don’t know what goes on behind closed days do we , just look what Michael Jackson went through as a child with his father, all so he’d make money for the family, it’s so sad, sometimes money is the root of all evil😳

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Yes and I was happy settling for what I could afford before re my house now I've got my inheritance I wish I had better house and have to live off it can't claim benefit it's annoys me I' keep thinking if spend my money on house I could let some off and get income for it so it's upset me even more not getting house next door to mam I'll end up a poor old age penshioner at this rate it's not what my dad wanted he saved up for me so I could have security gone off track a bit xx

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Hi Mandy, how are you today😊

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Hi so so bit sore on thumbs Been moving bricks and stuff clearing shed out tomorror just getting on with accepting been here I guess watching soaps then early night hope your feeling better clocks forward soon lighter nights be good xx

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Yes 28th clocks forward, Summer equinox this weekend ?

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My heart goes out to you, your friend and her family. Such a lot of heartache.Such a sad story.

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I've grown up with the saying "you should never judge a book by looking at the cover" and it's so true. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's daughter and son secrets, that really is very sad and I hope she finds the strength to cope with what lies ahead - her daughter and family in particular too. x

I know lots of people who have nice houses and we'll off but they have enourmous losses of the more important kind than money one lost her daughter in early 4os 2 years later her husband died age 7o her mam last year her twin sisters husband died age 4o and 3 dogs died during this time. Another friend her n husband who died few months ago just inherited a dream house over looking park lake no trees like mine and mam's blocking view, he had good job she didn't have to work lovely children n grandchildren he was 61 and they all have health issues and struggling, I know lots i only peeped on as needed to check email I'm still not soposed to be on after 7 and sticking to that rule lol starting from now and tomoror night night 😊🌛xxx

Thats the point though money isn't some kind of be all and end all of life!

Also I think the more money and material possessions people have they have less of the important things like love and health as that's the way it goes look at George Micheal these famous rich people often die young dragically money didn't make them happy nor fame 🌈

Such an insightful post secrets22. All that you say is a universal truth and as one of my meditation gurus says, "as you contemplate the end of your life, the thing that matters most is the question of whether you loved and were loved, well." And I can't argue with that. 🙏 🌈

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Here’s an excerpt from some papers found in an old church, dated back to the late 1500’s in England, known as the Desiderata. Google it for the complete lesson. “If you compare yourself to others, you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble, it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.” Ancient advice, but so relevant today.❤️🏄‍♀️

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Oops! Sorry! Got the “poem” confused with another. I should be fully awake when I’m trying to communicate. It’s not ancient advice, but still insightful. 🤥🤗

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This is so true. My mother always said that you cannot buy health. Without it life is difficult to say the least xx

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I have never said money is not important,what i did say is that even people with money dont always have an easy ride.

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Sorry secrets I’m not directing my reply at anyone in particular just giving my opinion based on my experiences and in response to the statements that money can’t buy health. X

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Ive deleted my input and sadly now I’ll be leaving this forum.best of luck everyone x

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So true.

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Even when people know the facts, they still judge by the cover. Cancer and other ills don't discriminate.

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Hello secrets22

Everyone has problems, sometimes they just are not as noticeable. :)

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Exactly Dee....they hide it well.

Just testing let me know if you get this the sites active bit not many know lol as in can still reply to old posts I'm just watching the group police xxx

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