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What are the 'Odds', Absolutely True though.

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Dear All,

This is Absolutely true.....

First some Family History- when I was first ill, in April/ May 1995, I was taken into University College Hospital- in London. After I was, for want of a better word, 'released' I moved down to my Mothers Bungalow- the one that her parents (my grandparents) had owned.

In 1997, we both visited the USA (Visas were not needed, for 'Britain's', at that time). We were with an English lady, my Mother knew, in New England- before visiting New York. We stayed with a British Diplomate, that my Mother knew (some how🤷‍♂️), in the centre of Manhattan. Whilst there we took, what is called the Circle Line, a boat trip around the Island- getting caught in a Storm, right at the Confluence of the Rivers! Whilst making this Trip, I took a 'Number' of Photos. We put ALL our Holiday Photographs, into an Album, which I now have.

My Mother sold the Bungalow, roughly three years ago now, to the niece of some friends from the Church. They 'Sub Let', the place, and their Tenants did some considerable damage- by all reports (I haven't seen it myself). The Owners now have Possession, once again, and have had to spend a great deal of Time, Effort and MONEY on restoration.

Amazingly, apparently 'lodged/ stuck/ pushed?' behind one of the Wardrobes, was four of our Holiday Photos.... from 1997! Trevor, our friend from the church, has Emailed me, these pictures- and yes, they Are some I thought we had Lost.... (the originals will be returned to me, or my Mother, as soon as is practicable).

I swear that IF 'this' was written, in a book, it would be deemed 'Far To Far Fetched'. They say that 'Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction', don't they? Does anyone else have any such True stories?


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Wow!! Finding those 4 photos is amazing. A lovely memory as well. What an amazing story. It's sad that the first occupants made a mess of the property and had needed a lot doing to it after these people had gone!! Thank you for sharing this.Take care and stay safe Lynne 👍🤗👍🤗

A lovely 'happenstance' AndrewT, that's reunited you with some long-lost photos. Fabulous!

A lady I used to work with went to Texas to stay with her sister for 2 months I went to Florida 2 weeks later and took my son to Disney. Parked the hire car on a massive carpark next to my friend from work. I got out and said hallo, and her name and she nearly fell over with shock.

Her sister had bought her a Disney weekend away for her birthday!

Another weird happening is when my husband and I were in Rio de Janeiro. He was checking it out as our contract abroad was coming to an end and he thought he may like to work there.

We booked into a hotel found on arrival, and went into the bar. A man turned round on the next bar stool and greeted my husband by name, he was going to work there and had enrolled for portugese lessons in a nearby language school. They came from the same small town in Wales and were in the same line of work!

A very small world,!

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AndrewT in reply to Sops

Dear Sops,

My Mother was with a friend of hers, some years ago now- an ex School Mistress- in one of the Greek Islands. They boarded the local bus.... and a Voice, called out "Hello Mrs H.....one of her Ex Pupils!


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I read that we have a certain set of people in our life's that are always there and we meet them.again for a reason hence a kind of Khama thing a soulmate connection as in friend partner nebour pet even 🌛🌟

How nice to get your photos back Andrew!!A couple of years after my lovely mummy died, my stepdad sold the house for something smaller My mum was an avid gardener and had lost her engagement ring somewhere out there. She searched and searched for it to no avail, and never told my stepdad, but made up some excuse! About 6 months later he had a call from the lady who had bought the house to say she had found the ring!! He didn't know if he was pleased or cross that she had fibbed to him!! xx

Wow, makes the hairs on your neck rise, what a lot of odd meetings....

Wow, that's amazing Andrew and I'm so pleased for you 👍😊

Hi Andy great story I'm just off to sleep here's another great photo for you tho pixie waiting to snuggle up in this special night lol 😁😻hugs from us night night 🌛🌟

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