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Today's very windy exercise in the open air - first set of photos

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Hi all

The weather is very cold again today and very windy with strong gusts but it's been much brighter today.

I enjoyed my powerwalk/jog in the very fresh air. I walked 20,840 steps which equates to 10.43 miles.

Please stay safe and well.


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Great photos cf. I hope you are well away from those awful gorse fires - I heard on the news on the radio this morning that it is three miles wide. That's horrendous - those poor Dartmoor ponies and all the wildlife, it's heartbreaking.

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Thank you. I'm a long way from the fires, I'm so pleased they managed to put them out, it took them 18 hours. I also feel for the wildlife and animals, it's awful.😪

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Oh I'm so glad they've put them out, we hadn't heard any more about it since this morning. That must have been really hard work for the area involved. Thanks for that cf. xx

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I'm really glad they had but what a job. All good now and no more risk.

Take care xx

Hi Alicia lovely photos and nice to see sheep soon be spring lambs it's cold here icy on foot so only had street walk had mug cocoa and a chocolate and play with pixie with his tin foil ball in stairs he soon got bored I gave him.a lush and got him out not for long 🙀be TV and early night for us snug in bed mam's house is so drafty were going up early stay warm n cosy 🤗😊🌻❄️🙀

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Thank you Mandy. I saw lambs in early January and was very surprised, mind you it's milder in Devon normally, it's been bitter this week though.

Snuggle up and stay warm.

Alicia 🛌😊

Thank you Jerry, it really was a very good walk today. It really was lovely and peaceful, not many people out in the cold weather.

Stay safe and well Jerry.


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