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A Year to remember.

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Its been a tumultuous year for all of us living under the fear of a deadly virus,something non of us have ever encountered before,some associates have died,and some are still struggling with its aftermath which can last a very long time.

Christmas was a very non event and some of us were consumed with sadness when we looked at the empty chair.

We have all coped as best we can whilst in confinement in our homes,not seeing anyone and not even a hug from our loved ones,and yet some people have been reckless and completely irresponsible by going out and mixing with all and sundry,and what bothers me is,if they have children are then not worried about that,for unknowingly they could be carriers of this deadly virus.?

As someone who is generally very sociable i have found it extremely hard,but not nearly as hard as the doctors,nurses,ambulance crews,Firemen,and the police who are all diligently working tirelessly to keep us all safe.

I cant help thinking that nature is trying to teach us a lesson for we have become obsessed with consumerism and wants,and so many things we think we want are not needed at all.

It would be nice if we revalued our lives and just concentrated on the things that matter,such as goodness and health.

I doubt we will be going back to a life we once knew anytime soon,but i pray that everyone stays safe,happy,and content in 2021 and hope for a better future.x

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Well,said, this is the first year ever that I have not holidayed at New Year.With bringing up children and stepchildren and many grandchildren, in the last few years, after losing my husband, mum, nephew and many good friends I decided New Year was my time.

There are indeed empty chairs.

I am at home and not in a gorgeous hotel, and feeling reflective. I am glad to be here, hopeful of a dose of vaccine soon, and am busy working out tonight’s menu and which of my joggers to wear to dine in. I wish everyone a feeling of hope and a happy evening leading to a Relaxed New Year’s Day.

It may be different but I am determined to enjoy it, and I raise a glass to you all. ..

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secrets22 in reply to Sops

And i raise a glass to you too,and until recent years we would be packing for a trip away,but thats not happened for several years now,and to be honest i really have no interest in going abroad anymore,or anywhere really,and there are so many wonderful places to visit in the UK,and if i go anywhere it will be here in the UK. I wish you a wonderful 2021.x

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Sops in reply to secrets22

Agreed, usually go to IOW dont like long crossings,

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I love the isle of wight especially Shanklin and the Needles.

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Me too. I was going to stay in Ventnor, went there for last New Years Eve and was marvellous.

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I came across my passport the other day, I haven't used it in at least 6 years and neither do I intend to! Too much not to see here in our UK! We also need to support our tourism/hospitality industries even more this year and we can help not poison our planet further! What's not to love?

OK, the weather! gotta pick your week!

😂😂Think about it though?!

😘Happy 2021 xx

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Sops in reply to leo60

Agree, mine only has 8 months left, think i might not bother renewing.

Thank you so much for your marvellous reply,and i understand the fear because its all around us,however like you i am able to like my own company,and i actually do feel safe in my own surroundings,but stepping outside amongst the madding crowd is another matter.xx

Can I point you to my second answer in Headman's post Virus?We have had a hard time this year, well those of us who have taken this virus seriously have! I have been watching the family over the road from me having people in and out, allowing their kids to get into cars with non family members and will probably have their usual NYE party. Why do they think it's ok?!

Let's all keep our brothers and sister's across this beautiful planet in mind with all we do xx

Happy 2021 xx

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secrets22 in reply to leo60

i am appalled with the behaviour of so many people,they are a disgrace,and they are the ones who are spreading this virus,shameful people.

Hi very well said as you always do, my niece's son has the virus we think from school and so glad we didn't accept the Xmas dinner invitation or my mam would be in intensive care now then 🌈with my dad we are been extra extra careful and only going for shirt walk over to the lake opposite our house as no one's there, your room looks very cosy and I keep saying it but I went all goosy and my hairs in arms literally stood on end and I felt a strong presence and it's come back now, and as brought tears to my eyes, you will have company tonight be safe when you might your candle and look into the flaime and talk to your loved one this is always a comfort to us, we are having a small buffet for supper and I'm drinking chamomile tea starting as I mean to go on and health new year as my heart's been so stressed lately 🌈💛💝🌟X

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i know you are stressed my dear friend,but keep in the spirit of new year,and i am very aware of the spirit tree around me.Just look after YOU.x

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Thank you x this is me not long ago in park 😁

Me looking good on a selfie lol
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Happy new year to you, think i am off to bed now!

Thank you, a very wise and emotive post! I agree full heartedly with Nature trying to teach us a lesson, as indeed she has been trying to do so for years, with mixed successes. I am trying to be ever hopeful that more people will now listen, at least enough to start making a difference. All the very best and a very Healthy, Happy and Peaceful New Year to you. Beautiful room in the photo! Xxx

Such a good post secrets as always and so true. I agree about us being taught a lesson, we have abused this planet for so long (well some of us have) and it's still going on with the Rainforest etc and it's now letting us know it's not happy. I hope the New Year will bring us some much needed change for the better. Happy New Year to you secrets which I hope will be a far better year than the one we are leaving behind. xx

Nowadays I only go out to public places if I really need to be there and if I don't I don't bother!

I always go for a daily walk rain or shine and find it helps me cope better both physically and mentally.

Happy New Year to you and the dogs!

Happy new year secrets.Let us start this New Year full of hope for the coming vaccine and a safer world.

We are so lucky to have these clever people who have developed this vaccine.

Stay safe x

Some great reflections secrets22 even though many were tinged with sadness. We have no option but to move forwards, so wishing you a new year which will be happier!🙏

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