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Pondering New Years Eve outfit?

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I am just wondering what to wear to my living room for New Years Eve tonight and what i will be eating ?

PJ's,Nightshirt,Tracksuit,Jogging pants and a jumper or just a blanket wrapped around.....so many choices,what a dilemma ...lol....and as for food i think i will have Ham,eggs,peas and chips.

Whatever you do please stay safe and hope for a better 2021.x

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I think you've just described my idea of a heavenly New Year's Eve secrets! It's definitely night attire for the evening, but it will be my formal pyjamas for the event. And you've also sorted out my menu for sure. Is there anything more comforting than a plate of ham, eggs, home cooked chips and peas! Joining you in your wishes for a better 2021! 🔆⭐️🔔😊🙏

Possibly new smart Pjs.I might chancea small gin and a couple of Ferrero Rocher.

Oh the joys.

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secrets22 in reply to Oshgosh

Sounds good to me.x

My new bunny patterned pjs for me. Home made pizza 🍕🍕

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secrets22 in reply to MadBunny

marvellous..love it.x

Hi secrets was goin to wear dressing gown as have done for so many new years eves but I might put a nice top on now you mention it and have photo on whilst having our tea, will you be watching the moon with me at 7 I'll have to keep checking sky it be big for few days yet but thought be nice if all look out together as it's something we can do together but apart and send our love and positive thoughts out hope you have good day and night hugs from Mandy and pixie we light candle for our loved ones in heaven, i will be thinking of you 🌝🐆🌟🌷💛xxx

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I will be on Zoom with a few close friends at 7pm,but i will hold you in my thoughts.And hugs from Yonnie,Diva,Eddie and me.xx

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Oh thank you enjoy your zoom I'll be looking out at 5.3o too even earlier hoping for photo I'll send it for you hugs to you all 💝X

Pixie snug

What do you usually do on new years eve?

If you usually go out on the town then bring town to you and dress for the occasion.

If you usually stay in then comfy clothes are great.

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We always held a rather grand party for new year,which usually ended in sheer chaos,and the 'grand ' bit went out the window,and i wish you a wonderful time.x

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What about wearing a suit and tie then?

😁 made me smile. All the very best for 2021 to you and everyone on here. Xxx

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springcross in reply to Niao

You too Niao. xx

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Niao in reply to springcross

And you springcross. Xxx🙂

Party round at Baz' house. See invite 🐰😁

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secrets22 in reply to MadBunny

wish i could go to Baz house......and i wish you much joy.x

Pyjamas for me. Bangers and mash, fried onions and thick onion gravy.

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secrets22 in reply to Jacksc06

thats my kind of food,love it.x

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Did siren enjoy his Christmas presents then as Baby enjoyed hers!

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Jacksc06 in reply to

Hi. He has spent Christmas slobbed out too full to play with his toys. He is having his favourite treats and cat milk to celebrate the turning of the new year.

Pjs, peanut butter cookies and milk.


Pjs and a chicken curry! x

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Sounds great,what more do we need.x

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And I forgot Patrick from the Sewing Bee xx

Best joggers ( bright pink), kaftan velvet top and slippers. Warm, cosy and comfortable. Gave up bras in February. And shoes... am going to attempt chocolate mousse by Raymond Blanc, that will probably do.....x

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secrets22 in reply to Sops

Sounds good to me,enjoy.x

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Sops in reply to secrets22

Will do!

Jerry,i wish you the greatest joy for the new year.x

At least we won’t feel obliged t go out in the cold to go to the pub or for a meal. Warm and cosy inside for the day now.



Go Big or STAY home 🤣😂

Pandemic Fashion Forward 😎


Back to basic 🤗


No trade! It’s a hit ☝️

Sonya would love this very much 🙀😽😻

Some wonderful outfits on here. Really made me laugh😁👍😔

My new fox pjs and wrapped up in a duvet watching a movie

Happy new year to you all

Let’s hope 2021 is a better year x

Well, the pyjamas are on, the pizzas in the oven and I'm ready to party✨🌟🎉🎊🎈🎂🎇🎆🎉

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