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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Thank you 2020 ,its not been easy,but i have learned.

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Thank you 2020 for making me appreciate all the things I took for granted, its been a learning curve and a revelation.

I dont have everything I THOUGHT I wanted but i have far more than i need,and it has made me feel very humbled by acknowledging these facts.

Christmas Day,although i will be alone, i will be seeing more friends than usual by video link,all be it a virtual reality,and although i am not passionate about all things techno I must admit its been a Godsend in this traumatic year when socialising was impossible.

Being alone and aloneness does not mean being lonely,we do have choices,and its up to all of us to make the most of a difficult situation.

I wish everyone a gracious,joyful,safe and memorable Christmas.

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Hello secrets thank you and same to you and very well said as you always do have a special way with words and straight from the heart,I'll keep it brief as having a cut down on here today, take care hugs from me and pixie 💛🌟xxx

Indeed, how right you are ! A Happy Christmas and a very Healthy, Happy, Peaceful New Year to you and everyone in this forum. x

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And to you too Niao. xx

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Thank you springcross xxx

Thank you for your good wishes secrets22. You've come through a really traumatic year, and it's cheering to hear your positivity. To a great extent is is a choice, but it doesn't mean that you can't have your wobbles, or periods of feeling down.Alone and loneliness are two really different things and it's a happy person who can develop the art of contented aloneness.

I hope that you'll enjoy Christmas day in its very different way. Many more of us will be joining you this year in doing just that.

Thanks for all your Christmas wishes, and wishing the same to you too. 🙏🌈🎄⭐️😊

Hello secrets, I echo your thoughts in every way. Best wishes and hope for a happier andhealthier new year to come.Xxx

and wishing you a good life ahead along this rocky road called life.x

Hi secrets. I would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year too. x

Thankyou so much,it is much appreciated.x

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