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Want to help me write a story about this woman?

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I drew this woman while spending time with my Mom and I want to give her a story. Any prompts or suggestions will be very helpful. 🤗

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Something about this girl being a warrior fighting titans ❤️

the mall

I think Jane Austen beat you to it! She’s going to be married of to a cruel landowner!

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Funnily enough Hylda, Jane Austen was my first thought too! Yes.... cruel land owner, but her true love will stop it from happening in the final chapter!

Looks like a cross between Florence Nightingale and Cinderella!

Thinking about what has happened inn her life so Farr although she looks. Youthful she coumlkd have many things happen to hg er her than a womb an in. Her 90s it is. A lovely sketch btw

Hi JenesisINFP, I had to agree with Hylda who saw her married off to a cruel land owner. In any case she seems to be quite cheerful about her fate, and the swish of her skirts seems to suggest she might be off to a ball for some dancing and flirting!

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She is madly in love with the village blacksmith. All those muscles xx

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Oh YES Hylda, I sense disgrace in the family coming on! And weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth! 🤣

BUT, the blacksmith will turn out to be the long lost heir to a vast fortune so it will be alright on the night!

so was your mom the inspiration of the drawing it may be about your mom or what you feel about your mom...good luck and enjoy her....

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