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Feeling a little sad at my former home

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I would like to explain that I moved to this area on a temporary basis to be near my Father .

He had several houses and I moved in as a tenant

When I was managing his Property Portfolio I discovered he could have easily taken out a mortgage on the beautiful flat I was renting

Given the increased cost of rental I moved out and bought a small housing association flat from my inheritance.

I now see that the flat I once lived in is being sold at auction at a low price so if I was in a position to buy the flat I would have

It saddens me when you see a beautiful flat being sold at a low price and I am unable to put in a bid given my current situation

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I felt sad when I moved out of my marital 4 bedroom home, as my marriage broke sadly! Yes I feel sad at times for our then lovely family home! I had 3 labradors as well which I had to leave behind! To move out was a very difficult decision for me!

But that was then! The house was auctioned, but praise God we did get an amazing amount of money back for it in 2010!

But it is not good to dwell on the past Roukaya! Live in the now! I bet you loved that flat with its memories! Keep the memories but move on to your wonderful future darling 🙏🥰❤️🤗 Hugs for you 💕

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I agree Snowdrops_17 , it doesn’t get us anywhere to look back only makes us depressed about what might have been, and the older you get the more we tend to look back over our lives instead of enjoying the life we have now, all we can do is live the now and count our blessings 👍😊

Live the day Roukaya😘

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I think it also takes time to work through bad experiences in your life, but I did slowly get there! So I understand Roukaya perfectly! It's tough to be a daughter and not get that support from your Mum or family members! That is hard 🙏

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I was so lucky to have wonderful parents , who did everything in their power to support me, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them, and it saddens me when I see others who’ve not had this , but looking back doesn’t help as you said yourself to dwell on the past, we have to move on with life. And live in the now 😃 ,

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I wouldn't have cared about leaving the house but leaving the three dogs would have broken my heart. x

Hi the thing is you can't have it so you will either make yourself feel worst by dwelling on it or accept it and move on as this seems to be a issue you have about things you foccus on what's gone did you try any of my first suggestions,to improve your well being, time will help you get over this also but you have to help yourself move on too I wish you a peaceful night 🌟

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Good evening I hope you are well

I am usually able to manage but there are times I have triggers and this obviously makes me low

I am trying to help myself by resitting the exam and yesterday’s interview

We all have good days and sad days

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I find when I start to dwell on things if I try and do something to take my mind off things, anything like reading or,doing another hobby, watching a film/tv if you keep doing this you will eventually stop thinking of things you can do nothing about.

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I realise this and this why I decided to do the resit in Jan and seek employment again following the resit The answer is for me to attempt to pass and find a years work experience and eventually find a better home

As I was told the right home will be there in its own time

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Oh, that is a shame. It is rather like what has happened to us. My friend was trying to sell an adapted bungalow, and we came to Wales to try it out. We liked it , 4 beds, 2 shower rooms, and a lovely kitchen with Utility room; but the garden was a bit dangerous due to slopes, etc.

We decided to buy it, but a few weeks later it fell through, as my friend had a relative who needed it. So, I bought the one two doors down, and in some ways it is better. Not the rooms, but overall, with a good paved garden it is better.

Cheers, Midori

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Good evening I hope you are keeping well

I think it is being let down by my Father who had the means to add the flat to his Property Portfolio

It is being let down and I had to my best to salvage his Property Portfolio given his mental decline

I have managed to buy the flat I live in and pay off the mortgage of a rental flat so I have done what I can

I expect it for me to try to pass and requalify and follow the I am hoping to pursue

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It was meant to be Midori 👍

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MidoriVisually impaired

You have come on in leaps and bounds since you first posted all those months ago. You have taken and passed another exam, and now understand how your Mum was holding you back. You sorted out your tenant's woes, You have overcome the poor self image you had, you've got back behind the wheel, you are actively looking for a placement, and to take the last exam.

I think you are an amazing lady!

Cheers, Midori

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Good evening I hope you are well

Such encouraging words

I thank you greatly

I understand my Mum better that is very true

A little Narcissist little Princess and I can see this

I am more aware now of how to rebuild a life by Gods grace and I thank you greatly for making me see the progress I have made

You have made me feel so much better

I thank you

I hope you continue to keep safe and well

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Thank you. I'm not going anywhere until this virus is tamed in some way! I get good views of the sky and cam watch horses on the opposite hill, all while sitting at my pc.

There is a big tree nearby, and just at dawn a huge flock of Jackdaws perch there and chatter their heads off, just like a noisy meeting, then they all disperse for the day. Although the tree is about 120 metres away they certainly kick up a racket, and I'd hate to live any closer to that tree!

Cheers, Midori

I've lived in so many homes of so many kinds over the years Roukaya that I've learned that a house isn't necessarily a home. Home is the people who live within a house, or dwelling, and it doesn't matter whether it's a family or a solo dweller. It can be a nostalgic thing to look back on former houses/homes and to enjoy the memories, but don't be sad. You can't go back. You could have bought that house at auction, but owning it wouldn't be the experience you had in the past. We carry our pasts with us, in our memories. And those can't be auctioned. So I'd say, focus your energy on the home you have now and on making yourself happy in it.

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MidoriVisually impaired in reply to Callendersgal

Yes, I agree; I make it a rule to not go back; It disturbs the memories of a place to see it drastically changed. I don't even go on Google to see places I've previously lived.

I like to keep good memories intact.

Cheers, Midori

This is very trueEven if I could buy the flat at auction it would trigger many painful past memories of my Father who would always argue with me over his other woman the gold digger

I think to concentrate and acceptance of life as it is and in some ways to appreciate what we have and have gratitude

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