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Where is your Happy Place?

Mine is a few minutes away from Monterey, CA. Still on the beach, but away from the Cannery Row crowds. I can smell the sea air, hear gulls calling out to one another and feel the warmth of the sun. This is the first year in a while that I haven't been able to physically go to my happy place (due to the pandemic). Instead, I go to my happy place virtually, scrolling through my camera roll and re-living the memories through pictures.

Where is your Happy Place?

Is it a destination you'll travel to when things calm down? Is it a place you're in now? Is it a state of mind? I'd love to know where you go to calm your thoughts and maintain your sanity :)

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My bed

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Honestly, that is the next best thing for me! It's hard to beat comfy pillows and fluffy blankets. I hope you are having a wonderful day in your happy place ❤️

Hi I have a bench in park I go to and sit by the lake watching the water and the swans and wildlife on it xx

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That. Sounds. LOVELY ❤️ It must be so tranquil. Hopefully you still get to go there, or will hopefully get to visit it soon

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I have photos of the park if I can't go I look at them went day before yesterday 😊xx

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Good 😊 I'm glad you get to go there physically AND virtually

I have a place that I have been to. It is a little section of beach and sea on the Island of Vilamendhoo in the Maldives. 🙂🌸

Um... This may be an odd question to ask a stranger, but... If you go back there, can you please take me?? It sounds amazing and the Maldives are definitely on my bucket list 🏝️☀️🌸

I think the place that most affected me was midnight in northern Michigan sitting on the steps marveling at the millions of stars the Milkey Way and a constant stream of shooting stars. It was the most awe inspiring thing I ever saw!

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It sounds absolutely breathtaking! I love anything that has to do with space/the universe so I hope I get to see it someday ⭐

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Michigan has one of the very few dark sky parks in the USA. It would be worth the trip!

At this point it’s as state of mind. In 2018 I was invited to go to Europe and stay with friends in a villa in the south of France. It was a region where houses are fenced in and wild horses and steer have thousands of acres to run wild. The region and the horses are called Camargue. Wild horses would come to our fence looking for food.

Darnit, I tried combing through your posts to find the pic but I failed. Either way, Munising sounds amazing 😄

That's incredible! It's like something out of a movie. What a beautiful memory ❤️

I just did and it was gorgeous!

Oh heck no! I hate flies 😬

Nope, nope and NOPE. Let's get back to just thinking about the waterfall and scenery 😂

There are too many to choose from. You would have to be more specific.

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Well first off- Good for you for having many happy places!

Secondly, how about: Which is your Happiest Place in your home country? And Which is your Happiest Place abroad?

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Ok. I think I would say Chanonry Point ( not exactly my country but in Britain) on the Black Isle where I saw bottlenosed dolphins giving a fabulous display and all,literally, within 10 feet of where we were standing. Awewsome. Abroad. I will say walking up some steps and coming out onto Red Square in Moscow in the dark with the snow falling and St,Bazil's cathedral all lit up in the background. Magical.

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Sheila, I hope to experience a fraction of your travels one day! It's as if your describing a show on the Travel Channel. This all sounds so beautiful ❤️

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Strangely, I don't like travelling. Moscow was my first flight and I hated it. I have been to Italy once and France three times. That is the extent of my foreign travel. I haven't flown for 40 years. We always go to Scotland or Cornwall.😀

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Aw that's a shame that you don't like travelling. But I completely understand. My dad is the same way. He is grateful when we arrive at the destination, but the flights and the fuss... not his cup of tea. 😅

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Well actually, I have no desire to go abroad. We would choose the Scottish Highlands over anywhere abroad for several reasons so we are happy, or will be once we can 'safely' travel around again.

We have our own 50 Acre forest next to the house which we finished building in March, I spend a lot of time in the forest, maintaining tracks, enjoying my Archery sport, walking the dogs or just having alone time to be with nature. Stage 4 PC has made the maintenance part difficult but it has also made the forest I love even more important to me. I'm lucky to have friends that help with the maintenance, clearing the bigger Trees etc. My Ashes will be spread through the forest, my time there will be eternal, the place I've always felt peace and happiness.

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Sounds amazing.

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I had to re-read this a couple of times... Your own forest?? I am in disbelief and completely envious. It sounds wonderful. I am so sorry about your Stage 4 PC, but I am happy to hear that you have friends to lend a hand ❤️

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Thanks, I moved here from UK 12 years ago, a beautiful place for my boys to grow up. I've seen Moose, Deer and Lynx in the forest over the years, some great memories.

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Lynx?? Oh my gosh, what a treat that must have been to see one!

Mine is the beautiful beaches of east Yorkshire coast.

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That sounds absolutely wonderful ❤️

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Be good to keep in touch. I have CLL but thankfully still watch and wait.

Hi CJasmin, my happy place is up the park where I was brought up and spending time looking around the gardens 😁

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That's amazing! You just reminded me of a park near where I grew up. Our family would make a whole day out of going there. There was a Japanese garden with a big pond of koi fish, a rose garden in a different area, and a large open grassy area... Thank you for the nostalgia 😊

My happy place is luckily for me in my garden, so not far to travel! It is the view from my chair in my summerhouse which gets the very last of the days sun. I sit with a glass of wine and look at the results of my efforts. I listen to the birds singing and watch them bathing in the bird bath and marvel at the wonders of nature💕 xx

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Oh my gosh, to appreciate the little things is such a gift! A glass of wine and nature... You are speaking my language 🍷😊

I live next to Loch Lomond in Scotland I love to be near the water and the mountains it makes me tranquil even on a winters day

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The majesty of the land in Scotland just takes my breath away. I hope to visit one day. And now I have an idea for a destination- Loch Lomond 😊

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You would love it. Where are you Jasmin

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I'm faaaaar away in California 😊

I think the last place I was happy was Sweden.

In 1996 I cycled 2,500 miles from Evesham, UK via Folkestone, Boulogne, Travemunde, Trellbourg, Tromso, Bergen and Newcastle. it would be nice to get back there sometime.

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Firstly, congrats on cycling 2,500 miles! That is incredible! Secondly, Sweden does sound lovely and I hope to go there one day. Thank you for sharing 😊

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Sweden is mostly gently rolling hills like Aberdeenshire and the East Highlands of Scotland - an Norway is more mountainous, like the (West) Highlands of Scotland (including Lock Lomond).

That looks lovely CJasmin. For me it's a state of mind and when I sit with my thoughts and meditate I can feel the stresses of life just draining away. It's useful that I don't have to travel to find it. But of course I do find great joy in nature too! 👍😊🙏

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I hope to achieve your level of mindfulness! It's a work in progress for me, but I am so happy to hear that it is successful for you. It gives me hope 🙏

On a working farm in Cornwall. We stay there most years. Rugged coastline, fantastic beaches, beautiful scenery and lovely people. Couldn’t ask for more (apart from some sunshine - then it’s perfection!)

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The nature sounds amazing, but having lovely people around is a huge bonus!

Out on my bike

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It's always great when happiness and exercise come together in harmony 🚴‍♂️

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Absolutely right its an amazing hobby

My calm place is at home with my brother 😊 and my family

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That is incredibly sweet ❤️ Nothing better than family time

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That is true 😊

my happy place is in Indianapolis and in Algeria 😊

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Ooo I've never been to either of these places, but I hope you get to re-visit them one day and enjoy yourself all over again 😊

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I go to Algeria every 2 years this summer i am going if COVID is gone 😞

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I hope so

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I hope Covid is gone soon for so many reasons, including being able to travel again. I hope that you get to re-visit Algeria again this summer 😊

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I hope so too and thank you 😊

In bed with my fur babies! 💕

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Yes, yes and YES! I was blessed to have all 3 of my cats with me in bed last night. I had to sleep in a position that would make professional contortionists jealous, but it was worth it 😹

You are so right- walking through a quiet forest, or along a riverbank, or through a meadow... being on one's own in nature is so wonderful 😊

I adore dogs (I wanted one since I was 5), but I live in an apartment without a yard so I can't justify getting puppers until I have a house. But man, when I have a yard, all bets are off 🐶🐕

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Nevis, in the West Indies, where I lived and taught for seven years.

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Oh my goodness, to live and teach in such a beautiful tropical place sounds wonderful 🏝️

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It was. I managed to squeeze a book out of it too. See goodreads.com/book/show/244...

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Very cool!

Former NFL player Chris Draft has a program that puts a survivor in every stadium. In 2018 I got to see the Lions at Ford Field (I live in Washtenaw County).

Jamestown Beavertail Cliffs reading

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I had to look it up, and it's beautiful! It seems like people go cliff jumping there, which terrifies me 😬 But the natural scenery is gorgeous!

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It's my favorite place. Yes cliff jumping is popular. I do not cliff jump. It is absolutely beautiful. The raw nature is something to see. I have a favorite spot I found that's a bit secluded that I love.

My happy place is being anywhere joy filled, and healthy :) . Being in the company, and comfort of my content, and healthy friends, is a bonus :) . If I can have all of the aforementioned along with living in Tobago, or Hawaii till I make it to heaven. This would be my true paradise :) .

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You are a treasure ❤️ To be so content with the fundamentals of life is such a blessing! Thank you for sharing this.

And I'm right there with you- My dream is to move to Hawaii someday and live out the rest of my days there. I am particularly fond of Maui and Kauai. Do you have a favorite Hawaiian island? 🌴☀️

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Oahu in the centrally located giving great access to both the touristy area, and the local native areas. I have friends of friends who live there.

My happy place is in Tennessee, I’m in Illinois.

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