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Scenic Views & Butterfly :-)

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Hi everyone,

I had such a relaxing walk this afternoon, here in Guernsey (Channel Islands) and wanted to share some of the views with you.

Zest :-)

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17 Replies
Smiler53 profile image

Looks absolutely lovely there 😊

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I have been to Jersey and loved it, but I’m loving your bright cheerful pics of Guernsey ! Thanks for sharing 😊💕

leo60 profile image

Beautiful! What a gorgeous place to live ;) xx

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Hi Zest, beautiful pictures of Guernsey. I Love the Channel Islands. We used to go to Jersey, Guernsey, Herm, Sark. Not all in the same year though.

I loved the secluded little Coves. and the soft white sand. I remember many years ago , we hired a little Bungalow for 2 weeks in Guernsey. A 10 minute walk away from the Bungalow ,was a gorgeous little beach. I wonder if things have changed much there. I expect so, because I'm talking about 50 years ago.

Oh Happy Days. 🤗👍

Hi Zest

Beautiful photos and well done on capturing the butterfly.

Alicia 🦋🌈😊 xx

springcross profile image

Lovely photos Zest, especially the Red Admiral. Thanks for sharing. x

blackbeauty99 profile image

These are really beautiful photos Zest , i really like the butterfly one! 🙂

I'm glad that you enjoyed your walk.

BB 🙂 xx

bobbybobb profile image

Beautiful Zest. It looks like a nice place to visit when this is all over. 👍🌸

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Oh we all love ❤ a butterfly 🦋 and in my area they are coming back in numbers which is a good sign.(was it a Red Admiral butterfly i wonder)? The other shots in Guernsey in the Channel Islands look very inviting and I'm certain that you had a great time there. Thank you for thinking of your friend's here and sharing. Enjoy what's left of Sunday. 🐿🌈

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springcross in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Yes, that is a Red Admiral. x

Williemom profile image

Guernsey is a lovely place. Thanks for sharing . We’re too old to travel anymore so these photos help us see the other side of the ocean!

Zest profile image

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, and I'm glad you like the photos. :-) xxx

RLN-overcomer profile image

These are some beautiful picture of some lovely nature scenes :) Thank you

So enjoy the pics you and others share! I live in Texas and this is the time that Monarch butterflies "touch down" for a sip of milkweed on their way to Mexico. Always such a looked forward to season!

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Thanks for sharing.

katieoxo60 profile image

lovely photos reminded me of my time in Jersey a few years ago. The butterfly has lovely colours.

Zest profile image

Really glad you like the photos. :-)

Zest :-)

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