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NHS planning 10,000 COVID 19 Vaccinations per day starting next month!


Good morning everyone,

According to leaked documents the NHS is hoping to start vaccinating against COVID next month.

There are logistical issues as the Oxford vaccine needs 2 doses 28 days apart but if this is what it takes then I’m up for it.

I think all those in the health services treating those with COVID and the brave souls who have trialled the vaccine are real heroes and I have awesome respect for all them. 🌈👍

Here’s the article it’s in today’s Sun newspaper:


I feel that at least we have light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not someone with COVID and a torch so we have real hope, it will take time but we have real hope with this vaccine.

Stay safe and well now folks and never give up hope as we are going to beat this.

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Hi Jerry,

That an excellent scoop for me. The Australian government has bought into the Oxford trial but no mention of the vaccine being available in Australia yet.

Jerry, that's brilliant news. Let's just keep our 🤞🤞🤞🤞 now

Take care and stay safe Lynne

Im ready but waiting for US vaccines to start. Im ready.

Thanks for posting such an uplifting piece of information. Its very much needed as you know.


Hi. I don't understand the article - it says jabs could be available from next month but it also says that it's hoped that a vaccine will be available by the end of the year. Am I missing something?


JerryModerator in reply to Marnie22

Hello Marnie it will be November next month and it’s all still a little uncertain, so it’s speculation of positive news, that’s my take on this. 👍


Hi Jerry,

I've now seen two different media reports on this so there may well be some truth in them. What matters most is that the world is making a flat-out effort to produce an effective vaccine and every hope that the Oxford project will soon have something workable for us all. 🙏😊

JerryModerator in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you Sue, for adding to this and you are so right and for once we have a common world goal. 👍 🌎


This is great news Jerry, very hopeful and will uplift many many people. Thanks so much for letting us all know. 👍👍😊

JerryModerator in reply to bobbybobb

I feel the same Bobby that we've been given a great big dollop of Hope 👍😊

Call me cautious but I will continue to shield as much as humanly possible and not jump into being vaccinated until more is known about how people respond to it.

Just my personal choice.


leo60 in reply to ellj

I am with you on that one Ellie! xx

nivana in reply to leo60

Me too



Hi Jerry

I saw that as well, let's keep everything crossed, we do need good news for sure. I put my name down for the trials but I've heard nothing as yet, all depends on the area of course.

Keeping everything crossed.

Alicia 😊🌈👍

catgirl1976Reading Rabbits

We will see how things pan out

Don't buy or read the Sun. BAN THE SUN.

catgirl1976Reading Rabbits in reply to Banditqueen

The sun tend to exaggerate and I take what they say with a grain of salt!

It would be good if the sources of the article could be tracked down and it was true but to be honest they seem to be in the first testing phase of vaccination as yet with human volunteers. It normally takes years to develop and test a drug or vaccine, even in an emergency like this. The drug could kill just as many as the disease so it has to be rigorously tested. Of course if Russia and America and UK etc shared data and information on how they are doing on a vaccine instead of behaving like a lot of spoilt kids, moaning about data being stolen, we might get a vaccine a lot sooner. The only race scientists should worry about is time. They need to be working as an international team and share their results. Russia would not need to spy then.

JerryModerator in reply to Banditqueen

Hi Banditqueen I believe it was leaked to the Sun as it was also in other papers.

It’s because of modern technology that we can make these advancements as we’ve made changes/advances in 5 months that would normally take 5 years. So I’m convinced a vaccine is coming.

You’re right it’s a global pandemic and we want a global solution. 🌎😊

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