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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Sewing masks

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Masks have been my saviour during lockdown. I started making them to donate to a local group who distributed them to healthcare workers. I also made scrubs bags for them. It gave me something to do whilst shielding. The response from the local community was phenomenal and they soon had so many they couldnt handle any more so i put some in my on line shop.

I have now made and sold almost 1000!

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10 Replies
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i made some for my daughters macmillan coffee morning last week. Well more of a get your cake and take it home with the covid but i raised £60 with the masks and her cakes raised £90.

I was going to post a photo but it wont let me.

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Well done you.

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That is great ilovedancing, I’m sure the health services where very appreciative. Well done. 👍😊

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Well done ilovedancing (great name!), you put me to shame :( xx

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Well done. I haven't got a seeing machine but sent money to a local person to buy material to make scrubs and scrub bags for the local hospitals. She also made masks from the offcuts to sell which helped buy more material. In the end she had a small group of volunteers doing the same. There are a lot of good people in the world as you have proved.x

Thats a great and such a useful achievement ilovedancing! Fantastic, and I'm sure that having something useful to focus on is one of the ways in which we can help stay positive through this challenging time. 👍🙏😊

Well done you 👍😃

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Wow, that's fantastic ild, well done to you. xx

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That's really brilliant. What is contact for your on line shop?

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ilovedancing in reply to diana1998

i am not sllowes to put it on here. i didnt realise snd it was taken off yesterday by admin. i could message it to you i think

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