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For Catrick my outdoor baby

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I couldn’t figure out another way to send this to you so here goes. This is Shadow my outdoor kitty that I feed

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He looks stunning against the green grass, I love that picture. 👍😊

How handsome (or beautiful) Spinner1916. It's always amazed me that black cats are said to be hard to re-home, probably because of the old traditions connected with witchcraft and black cats.

From Shadow' picture it's clear that he/she has no malice whatsoever and is clearly very fond of you. 👍

Shadow has the funniest habit of meowing purring and hissing in the same breath. She likes to be petted but won’t tolerate being picked up. She is very friendly and makes the rounds of the neighborhood. The postman says she actually has a home down the street but you’d never know it. She is always hungry. I’d take her in but my Angie cat hates the sight of her!

She’s clearly a very big neighbourhood character Spinner1916😀

Handsome! He/she looks very healthy, you must be doing the right thing! xx

Gorgeous!, lovely shiny black coat and amazing green eyes. He's been looked after well.

Does he bring you "presents" as well?

No presents yet just herself. She likes to hang around my garden and sit on my window ledges.

I have a black visiting cat too. Apparently he is 22 years old and prefers my house and garden as his owner has three other cats and dogs. I dont blame him, at his age he wants to rest.


Nothing like a garden in the warm sunshine for an old cat! He’s a lucky old man to be able to escape to your peaceful garden.

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We have a cheeky black kitty that pays us visits as well!

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Gorgeous cat 👍😃

Just too beautiful!

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He's a handsome lad!

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Beautiful photo I had a black or called jet brings back memories he was ferrel kitten and his sister dumped out about 3 months old after about 6 month he let me stroke him eventually became normal with me his sister was do timid they were lovely placid cats jet liked been picked up not his sister he lived 13 half years his sister lives 15 then I got pixiebob he is my shadow lol sorry only just seen this photo 🤗🐆

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Sorry typing error I mean I had a black cat

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