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Replying Jerry's Arts & Crafts... post

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Hello everyone!

I believe this is my first post, thanks to Jerry's encouragement!

I love crocheting and finally finished the kitty couch, but no kitty was willing to pose for me so I thought the Pink Panther amigurumi would do just fine.

Have a great week people!

26 Replies
Jennymary profile image

That's brilliant well done, pink panther looks very relaxed there, ps what does TCZ stand for, looking forward to seeing your next crochet masterpiece 😊❤️

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Rokosaki in reply to Jennymary

Hi Jennymary, sorry about that, I confused the group. TCZ (tocilizumab) is the medication I take for rheumatoid arthritis, I'll better edit that part...

Rokosaki profile image

Thank you Jerry! I really enjoy crocheting... I'm hooked!! 😬

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MadBunny in reply to Rokosaki

Now that is a joke to compete with Bazzak's ones😁👍

Rokosaki profile image
Rokosaki in reply to MadBunny

Indeed... ✌️😉

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bobbybobb profile image

Just fantastic, really. I love the pink panther he looks cool. You have great skills. 🌸😊

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Rokosaki in reply to bobbybobb

Thanks bobbybobb! That pink panther is one of my favourite amigurumis, and he's so photogenic! 💜

RoadRunner44 profile image

What a great character the pink panther is. Very cool indeed,

Lovely, I’m a crochet nut too lol, did you make the chair cover too?

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Rokosaki in reply to

Hi Mydexter, we are hookers then! 😁 Yes, I made it. Actually it's a kitty couch from epatterncentral. If I ever catch one of my cats lying there I will post a photo, lately they've been lying on cardboard boxes... go figure! ungrateful cats!!

FlowerPreciousLover profile image
FlowerPreciousLover in reply to Rokosaki

After all you did for them? Welll those ungrateful rascals!!! lol

Speak for yourself 😳LOL , look forward to seeing your cats

blackbeauty99 profile image

These are great, i love the pink panther! :)

Rokosaki profile image
Rokosaki in reply to blackbeauty99

me too!

Activity2004 profile image

These are really fantastic! I really love the Pink Panther!😀👍🌈👌🧶

Zest profile image

Wow Rokosaki

I absolutely love your Pink panther with accompanying snazzy cushions - incredible! :-)

Zest :-)

Rokosaki profile image
Rokosaki in reply to Zest

Thanks! 😚

MadBunny profile image

Brilliant! I love the Pink Panther.

ddmagee1 profile image

You are very talented! Congratulations! Thanks for showing us, some of your excellent work!

rachelmi profile image

They are wonderful! Well done 👍

Pat9 profile image

oh they are lovely how cute is he very well done I like crocheting toys and figures too you have done a lovely job here :) xx

Judyspal profile image

That's great,I love the pose of pink panther chilling out

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Spanaway profile image

Wow, great job! Lovely

Elfiejean profile image

Wow! Love the Pink Panther.

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