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Try new food Thursday - Fish and chips

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Happy Thursday everyone! We finally got those thunderstorms that have been promised all week. I admit with the heat, my desire to cook anything new and exciting has been very subdued. So this week I'm sharing what I'm looking forward to this weekend instead.

We're heading to Scarborough to see my husband's family and indulge in the seaside classic of fish and chips. Although we're not making it ourselves, if you wanted to try it out at home BBC good food do an excellent recipe here I haven't had this classic in so long so I'm very much looking forward to sitting by the sea and having this on a Friday night :)

What is everyone else cooking and eating this week? I hope you've had lots of ice cream and cool, refreshing drinks. Stay safe!

18 Replies

So envious. Best fish and chips I ever had was when visiting friends in Scarborough.

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Oooh that is good to hear, I have high expectations! I hope you are finding something delicious to eat this weekend :)

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Just salad and more salad. I think it’s because they use or used to use lard to fry up there. We live on the South Coast and they just don’t taste the same xx

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Yes they used to use lard for cooking up north years ago.

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Hi Jerry! Gorgeous meals as always! Your buckwheat pasta looks fantastic! I still haven't tried buckwheat pasta, but I have heard really good things. And I hope the apples and ice cream kept you cool, that's a real nice treat! Hope you also have a wonderful weekend and can stay cool!

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They look really nice. Have a nice time away. I’m melting at the moment. 🌈🌸🌺

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Hope you can stay cool! Lots and lots of ice cream I find helps me :)

Lovely fish and chips in Scarborough and in most of Yorkshire for that matter! Hope you enjoy. A fabulous treat!

I love Scarborough and the Sandy beaches there!

Today for lunch I have had baked beans and jacket potato for a change as here it's threatening thunder and it's humid although we had a storm last night so today I am staying in as I feel better safe than sorry if thunderstorms are forecast.

This morning I had a busy morning job hunting as planned as the forecast had threatened thunder for today so it seemed ideal to get on with that and have a productive morning!

You can’t beat a fish and chip supper, they never taste the same homemade, it’s my favourite treat, I love Yorkshire, have a great time 👍

You can't beat a chippie - enjoy.

I'm not sure what I'll be eating as I'm following a Low Fodmap diet so can't eat out but the recipes I've found on the internet have been pretty good.

Have a lovely time. :)

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Hope you enjoy x

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Wow SadieHU - looks lovely, and I hope you have a great time in Scarborough. I made some home-made banana ice-cream a couple of days go, and it was delicious - I shall pop back with a link to it.

There are quite a few other ice-cream recipes and suggestions there too.

Zest :-)

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I really like the fish and chips in the UK. They are different here in the US. More thick batter normally.

We have been mostly cooking outside for the past week since it has been hot here also.

Simple things that have leftovers for the following night. Lots of veggies and grains. We really enjoy the summer fruits and veggies.

However, I am going to need to use the oven shortly for the whole wheat sourdough bread that is rising nicely.

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I agree with you, they are better in the UK! It sounds so nice you've been able to cook outside, I bet you have a lovely setting to enjoy your meals in. Good luck with the sourdough, sounds delicious!

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On hottest day of the year (36c) we had 2 delicious very spicy vegetarian homemade curries! Meant to be very cooling... After all they eat them for every meal in India! 🤣 Hanging over a hot stove was a bit overwhelming though.

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wow, that's super impressive! i'm not sure I could endure that! were they cooling in the end?

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I eat by a blood type diet book, but I don't make fried food in my house. I purchased the Friday before this past Friday 4 servings of fried Whiting fish, and an 8 piece fried chicken from my favorite place, which I haven't had in 6 months. Every other day I have a serving of chicken or fish that is stored in my freezer. I use paper towels to reheat, and catch any excess oils. I eat a big mixed salad with the fried fish/chicken and no other carb's. OMG sooooooo delicious, and long overdue. I really like , and give thanks to GOD for the healthy, and delicious grilled meat meals I have prepared for the last 6 months, but I am tired of cooking, and tired of eating my own food.

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