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A Nice piece of Steak Tonight- Vegans DON'T Shout!

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Dear All,

Tonight, I 'fancied' a piece of Steak, I had one in the fridge- a Ribeye. I 'clouted' it around, with the rolling pin, to 'tenderise' it (just as well I did). I then covered it in 'Fresh Crushed' black pepper- that I made myself. Then I slowly Grilled it, turning it a couple of times. In the mean time I did New Potatoes boiled in their skins, Button Mushrooms gently fried in oil and some Sweetcorn, from the freezer. I followed, this up, with some Fruit and Cream.

In all a very Tasty, but maybe NOT that 'Healthy', meal..... Yum, YumπŸ˜‹.


13 Replies
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SORRELHIPPOReading Rabbits

Sounds great, if I leave off the pepper, peel the spuds, omit the sweet corn , oh and the fruit can only be strawberrys, bananas and or paw paw. (Problems with citrus and high fibre!!) So, well bashed steak, with a pureed spud and parsnips, then mashed bananas + strawberrys and cream (the cream is a no no, but I cheat.) I am now starving, it is 11.25 pm, my upstairs and downstairs neighbours are in bed, if I use the cooker, will wake all of them, the only thing that does not need cooking is a 99 ice cream cone in the fridge, could add a banana. Have not had a midnight feast since I left school (rather more years ago than I care to remember.)

Sounds delicious AndrewT and not really that naughty!πŸ‘

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It sounds like a very nice meal and you are allowed to treat yourself. πŸ‘πŸŒˆ

i love to treat myself with all the sinful foods....if we cant enjoy our food we ain't got much going for us these days.

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MadBunny in reply to secrets22

Absolutely!I discovered Hotel Chocolat online during lockdown............

I pan fry my steak in a dry pan, then add a little oil, fry a chopped shallot, some mushrooms and toss in a carton of sour cream. Instant sauce.

Just occasionally but, as they say, a little bit of what you fancy does you good.

I think that sounds quite a healthy meal to me actually, grilled lean meat, boiled New potatoes and veg, lovely πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

I have one organic piece of steak a week and that is Saturday night,rest of time we are "flexiterians".Mainly vege.

Sometimes you've just got to go with what you fancy.At least you had some veg n fruit with it.I demolished a bag of fudge yesterday- now that IS unhealthy!

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AndrewT in reply to MadBunny

Yum, Yum.... In Fact Yummy, Yummy......YUMMY, YUMMYπŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜.

Hope you enjoyed it.


Delicious Friday treat and not that unhealthy! Could be worse... like pizza!!

Now I am getting hungry again.

A friend had a job surveying plants with a bunch of vegetarians. All well and good.

However the packer who carried in all their equipment was not. He pulled a steak out of his saddlebags, put it on the fire for a minute or two on each side and ate it to the dismay of the veggies.

Well, to each their own I guess.

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MidoriVisually impaired

Sounds absolutely wonderful Andrew!

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