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It's that same old question again =why the confusion re masks

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The Government have not given good advice re masks from day one and it is happening again due to only half measures being advocated in regard to the fact that all confined spaces and not those spaces designated that people should have to wear a mask when in all those places.

It has been inconceivable that mask wearing has not been mandatory in all confined spaces from day one.

It seems quite a mystery why the South Koreans who had much more experience

of viral epidemics than anyone else and therefore knew what to do to protect their population were not payed attention to from day one regarding what to do

when this latest virus 'struck.'

It is evident that there is still no where near enough positive thinking in regard to mask wearing. However there is at least some governmental evidence that on the contrary to dishing out facts that were not true, masks really do protect the wearers and not just those outside of the masks.

Please ,please, still bear in mind that no mask is 100% effective but as said quite some time ago - any mask is better than no mask at all.

I find it deplorable to see many are still not seen to be wearing a mask when they should be wearing one........ Do these individuals think they are immune to the virus that might kill them?

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Yes, there is still confusion about masks. Unfortunately the advisors to the powers that be dont agree even now. When I listen to the different arguments it doesn't encourage confidence. Yes, I wear one but yes, I do fiddle with it as its hard when I need to cough. You are not supposed to do this. I really don't know what the answer is. It just makes sense if everyone wears one then we are surely giving some protection to each other.

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We must all do what is right and ignore the sceptics...... this will only ever transpire when thousands more are ill or worse. All mask wearers must make a mental note to leave the mask alone and make sure it is as air tight as possible to avoid the possibility of air being drawn in if there are any gaps to allow that to happen.

= The idea is KEEP IT OUT!

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RLN-overcomer in reply to

It is better to wear a mask, and wash our hands properly, and be safe, rather than being sorry, and leave oneself open to irreversible damage to your lungs for life, or the even worse scenario of death. People who are not taking the proper precautions need to stop thinking of just themselves. These people need to think of their grand parents, parents, and loved ones they would not want any harm, or death to come knocking at their door(s).

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Simple wear a mask or don't wear a mask , stay in or don't, go to work or stay at home!!!!!!

I ignore the government and use my own common sense

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That's what I do I take what the government say with a grain of salt as what I think of their incompetence is too unrepeatable to put on here and use my own common sense as well!

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Quite right...... In any complex situation I would have thought it sensible to do what those who have been successful at getting over a problem should be observed in respect re how did they do it? There are far more successful 'countries' who have fared better than us re the devastation of this epidemic. Quite why we have not paid attention to them is beyond comprehension. I have always thought that to gain experience one must experiment and learn? On the other hand look at those who are better at it than ourselves and copy them. Perhaps with a bit of modification on a good idea.

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I wear 1 only because i am forced, there are just as many scientists who are against the masks counter productive, hands is number 1 spreader, every one should only use their masks single use masks once which is not happening widespread, sanitize hands everytime you touch face with takeing mask on and off again widespread not happening, and causing more spread of the coronaviris, socially distance again masks are giveing false security, this is the other side for not wearing a mask,the government where told by WHO and scientists not to recommend masks hence decision now half scientists and who have changed their minds about masks hence the uturn on masks.99.99 % is past on through hands

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Wearing a suitable mask at least N95 in the appropriate manner will give 95% protection to the wearer. This is of course on the proviso that the mask must be handled also in the appropriate manner.

I do not know categorically what the situation is in South Korea but I feel they are better educated that all the other countries put together when it is seen how they have coped with this virus problem.

If everyone here in the uk does what should be done to protect their airways this virus may well subside and eventually be gone. Many are ignoring the facts of the matter to the detriment of thousands of us.......

Some will never learn.

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Ajay575 in reply to

People are not sanitising hands everytime they put mask on and off and spreading it more and useing single use mask more than onceSouth korea etc ,it is a way of life with them ,with pandemics and diseases they get lots of outbreaks are a way of life with them and us they're culture

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I also believe that the high death tolls in the West is due to the reluctance of wearing masks (hand hygiene is also important of course). Thank you Micklemus to remind people.

I'm all for mask wearing ... EXCEPT in certain countries. Judging by a photo at a BBC site, people are better off not wearing masks, they are spreading not preventing.

Scroll down to see how the volunteer groups are distributing free masks. Yet they say they don't understand where the infection comes from.

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I wear a mask in all enclosed areas, we may see some people who do not wear them in enclosed spaces due to health reasons. Wearing mask's, hand washing, social distancing are there to protect ourselves and other's. 😊👍

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What gets me is the people who wear a mask but don't wear them properly. They are supposed to cover the nose AND mouth. Not your chin or your forehead.

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The mind boggles I think is the appropriate quote. The government has a great deal to answer for and the same goes for all those who are in an advisory role who have neglected the situation. The hand washing regime is sensible but the facts are that any airborne contamination must be kept out of the respiratory system by the protection of a mask.

I see a doctors or rather several doctors who have written that observing the South Koreans was neglected.......... Why is that I wonder? There is still a lot of dithering which will cause this virus to go on and on....... When will the dithering stop?

Incidentally when will all those in confined spaces wear a mask..... especially those workers who have been in contact with hundreds of people and not just the 'visitors'. All this shopul;d have been resolved from day one.....

Boris is worried about a 'second wave' !!!! he damn well should be seeing that he is getting

conflicting advice which does not seem absolutely correct. There are many anomalies in this equation. Does a visor protect the airways =no. Does keeping 2 metres apart protect

anyone =no. Does washing hands with the most potent antiseptic protect the airways =no.

Does a correctly worn suitable mask protect the person wearing it =yes up to 97.4%.

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MidoriVisually impaired

There are two reasons to use a mask, one is to protect yourself from either Pollution or other folks bacteria and viruses, the second is to protect other folk from yours!

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I have had my confidence restored on this forum that there are quite a few on here that are in agreement that masks do protect the wearer and not just those outside of the mask...... It has been well known for donkey's years that any mechanical filter works both ways not one . It is deplorable that misinformation has been dished out by liars.

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I am in 100% agreement with you. It also bothers me when I see people with the masks and their noses sticking out.


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