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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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So I found a curious little "steps to take when you feel bad" web page

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Basically it gives you teeny steps to take when you feel bad. I found it in an article about alternatives. Examples might be addressing sleep loss, or dehydration - not a big cure by any means, but a step by step opportunity to do small things to feel better.

I'm always on the lookout for resources ranging from meditation youtubes for (whatever emotion or concern) to group events focused on happiness (I found one for later this week!) There are online chat meetings I sometimes use, too. And of course I'm lucky enough to have accessible doctors and counselors, plus medications and management techniques for my "conditions".

Still...Today was a tough day. I know we all have tough days. So I went looking for something "more" and here's what I found. (Forgive the language in the title!) actually is a little bit different.

It won't fix you, but it will gently give you things you can do that may help a little.

And that's what I needed today, after "a failure, bad news, and the re-emergence of depression". At least I can identify what's up and take steps to help it out... some outdoor chores, a couple appointments coming up, and some "self forgiveness" meditations are on my list.

Take care of yourselves, and if you want to try the link with the silly rude name... maybe it will do you some good. It interrupted the bad feelings this evening for a short while. Maybe someone else will like it. OR not.

Stay well.

Attached is a picture of where I'm going tonight to do outdoorsy chores for an hour or so. Almost no people.

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daveh121 profile image

That is beautiful and good advice.

Depression is an insidious thing. Many people have it even when they have what is considered a wonderful life envied by their friends.

It can be overcome. Easy to say, sometimes a challenge to do though.

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I do agree, and appreciate your saying it the way you do.

springcross profile image

Hi Wallowa. I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling a little down. Life can be a bit of a bitch sometimes unfortunately. I hope you feel better very soon and the dark clouds lift. Thanks for the link, I will check that out later. Beautiful horse, is that the one you are looking after? Enjoy his presence and the beautiful landscape that you have. Take care. xx

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Thank you! Yes, that's Bud.

Always good to remember that even the longest journey starts with a single step. And it doesn't matter how small that step is, if you choose to make another, and another!👍🙏

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So true!

RoadRunner44 profile image

Thanks for your post Wallowa. Unless someone has experienced depression it is hard to put oneself in another's shoes. I like the link you posted and will explore it further as I have found, small steps are much more manageable when feeling down.

As a fellow sufferer, I recognise your understanding of this very debillitating complaint. It helps a great deal when we can share these feelings, as it really is true... a problem shared is a problem halved.

Keep doing what you know helps. Xxxxx

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Thanks for the empathy. Back at you! With appreciation!

bobbybobb profile image

Sorry to hear this Wallows, its good that you recognise it and are taking steps to help the situation. Depression and anxiety is an awful way to feel. The link you have given is useful so thanks for sharing with everyone. I am lucky and do not suffer with it but it pains me to watch my daughter from time to time who does suffer from it. I hope you will feel more yourself soon. Your photograph is really wonderful. 😊🌼🌸🐎

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Thanks for your kind words. We all do the best we can and it's great to find something however small that helps!

Thanks for your kindness. The outdoor work did help. It's so hot the firebreak mower overheated so I got a 1K walk out of the deal. This is not a bad thing. It cooled off and I finished the task.

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