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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Monday 22nd June 2020

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Good morning everyone,

For a reason I won't go into, I found myself getting a bit angry this morning. I had a Buddhist teacher once who said that when people give in to anger, they are acting unskilfully, so I do try not to give in to it, but once in a while, as with most people, it bursts forth and I have to remind myself to stay calm and breathe. I won't say what made me angry, but it did have me thinking about what others might say about anger management, and I quite liked this:

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else: you are the one who gets burned." - Buddha -

Anger seldom solves anything. It even starts wars. So I completely agree with its being unskilful behaviour. How about you?

Hope you all have a great start to this week.

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Anger is really fear... expressed outwardly.

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Veteran250 in reply to daddyt


I agree with the Black Lives Matter protest..... there should be equality for everyone no matter what creed or colour.

What I dont agree with is the anger that comes with it, damage to property, assaulting the police, pulling down statues.... why..... we cant change history, but we can CHANGE THE FUTURE! 😕

I like that Veteran!

My view on anger is to harness the energy that that anger brings and instead of using it for destruction, use it for solutions and positivity.

If you get angry at something you could smash something up and destroy your surroundings, or you could use the energy to did a big hole, plant a fruit tree which then goes on to yield fruit for the Community to share, bringing people together in the future.

And digging a big hole takes alot of energy!

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Sara_2611 in reply to Veteran250

I totally agree with you. No matter what the background is -everyone has a right to life & accesses to all services provided ,jobs in their field

in reply to daddyt

Thats what I found when I was angry when the outbreak first started when I sat down and looked at what was behind the anger it was because I was frightened.

It is also a release. I'm not saying going around killing people is alright, (although I would cheerfully see a few off)😉, used the right way and it can get you back onto an even keel.

I rarely get angry either but a couple of weeks ago I could feel anger in myself for a few days. A lady, who gives me Reiki and taught it to me too, put a meditation on her site which really helped with this and I've managed to keep it at bay since. As you say, it does us no good at all and doesn't solve anything.

Karen x

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Anger is another human emotion that needs to be managed. Anger needs to be expelled in the right way because it is no good being kept inside. We should not be led by misguided anger but instead understand the root cause of why something has brought this anger within us. I think that's how I feel about anger. It is very negative but we all feel it at times. 🌻🌼🌸

This is one I will put in my little book. So true. Quotes like this one make you take a deep breath,take a step back and give you time to think clearly. Thanks.

It's OK to feel angry but it's not OK to act out and be rude to people just because you feel unhappy.

Oh that's a very good quote Callendersgal as I was only thinking recently, keep calm, deep breathe, there's no point in going off at a tangent. This virus could easily make one angry but there's no point as it solves nothing.

I hope you are ok as I would say it's unlike you to feel angry.

Take care

Alicia xx🧘‍♀️🕉 🌈😊

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