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A Facetime bedtime story

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Hi all

My daughter messaged me tonight and asked me if I'd like to read a bedtime story via a Facetime call to my gorgeous granddaughters who are 4 and 8. The 8 year old is a competent reader but still loves a story read to her.

I read them a fairytale, had a chat with them and then the eldest one started crying as she's missing us so much, it was heartbreaking.

The first thing I'm doing when we are allowed is to see my family, don't care about anything else.

23 Replies
Patsy10 profile image

That sounds lovely and at the same time as you say absolutely heart breaking.

We feel exactly the same as you and can't wait to see our family again, although the end is not in sight for us yet.

Keep smiling and as Capt. Tom says 'tomorrow will be a good day'.

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It really was, I love reading to the grandchildren. The book I read from is called Princess Tales and the story our eldest granddaughter always liked when she was younger was called 'A big day for a little princess' and it's about her dog that eats the wedding cake and the fairy godmother makes it all better.

It's the one thing I'm looking forward to more than anything and that's seeing our granddaughters, were not sure when it'll be as the little one is on immune suppressant drugs but fortunately she's in medicated remission which is really good.

Capt. Tom is so right, tomorrow will be a good day and it will definitely come.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia :)

bobbybobb profile image

This is wonderful and I do it also. There is my mum, me, my daughter and granddaughter. 4 generations having a bedtime story on face time. We didn't do it before lockdown but we will definitely be carrying it on, it's kind of special. 👍😊🌼

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Aww how lovely bobbybobb . I'd never even thought of it before and it wasn't until my daughter suggested it that I did it. how lovely having the 4 generations on Facetime, very special. Oh I'll definitely be carrying on as it's so lovely.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia :)

Bingo88 profile image

Oh how lovely is that for you crazyfitness. Guess we are lucky in 1 way. We have no children or grandchildren. But i do often think about if i missed out having children of my own. Nearly 65 now so too late lol. Hope you get to see your Grandaughters soon Hope you have a lovely weekend Brian

in reply to Bingo88

It really was lovely being able to read to them, their little faces lit up when they saw me and then their granddad as well. Ah, no don't think 65 is the right time to start now LOL.

Thank you and I'm sure it won't be much longer.

Stay safe and well and you also enjoy the weekend.

Alicia :)

Agoodenough profile image

Oh dear that's so hard. Must of been difficult for all of you. Must be so difficult if you're not able to see grandchildren. Hopefully not much longer!

in reply to Agoodenough

It was hard Ali but also lovely as to see their little faces was a real treat. I don't think it will be much longer now and am just waiting. Hopefully we will hear next weekend when he talks about the schools.

Hope you are well and enjoy your weekend and I hope you do get to see at least one of your fur babies.

Alicia :)

Elt79 profile image

Definitely with you on that!❤️🌈

in reply to Elt79

It was so special seeing them but also so hard that I couldn't cuddle them, not too much longer though I would think.

Alicia :)

Aw, lovely Alicia! But a bit upsetting. This is so hard on kids. We think we have it tough, but think how bewildering to not totally understand why we can't be together. God speed the day when you can be together with your loved ones again! 🙏

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It was lovely Hidden but yes a little upsetting at the time but I didn't show it to the girls. The younger one who's 4 was fine but it was the eldest one as she understands more which I think can be worse. It really is hard on them as they don't understand why they can't go out to play with their friends.

Definitely God speed the day and it'll be here soon enough when all of us that are missing our loved ones can unite again.

Stay safe and well and have a lovely weekend.

Alicia :)

Technology can be a burden but it can also be a saviour and this time it was definitely the latter. Yes definitely roll on the day when we see them.

Alicia :)

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Video calls are great but they aren't the same as an in person visit.

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They really are good but agree, they aren't the same.

You will really enjoy it when you get the in person visits again.

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Oh I certainly will and am so looking forward to it, I'm going to be like a child - excited.

My phone rang today and my eldest daughter said your car needs a wash! I looked out of the window and she was in the car park with her husband and my two grandsons. I haven’t seen them for three months, only on FaceTime. It’s was lovely, I can’t wait for a hug from everyone. 🤗

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That's such a lovely surprise for you. I haven't seen my granddaughters since March when the youngest one had her regular hospital appointment. Can't wait for cuddles.🌈

RLN-overcomer profile image

OMG This is so hard for children to understand. The first thing I will do when we are safe from this pandemic is drive over to hug my mom, and dad, and I won't let go for quite some time. Then my other loved ones will have to get in line for long loving hugs, and some joyful tears. XoXoX

in reply to RLN-overcomer

It really is and my heart went out to her, I love our granddaughters so so much. I normally see them every week and we have them for sleepovers as well.

Enjoy all your hugging, we will all need that. xx😊🌈😍

mattymoo33 profile image

Hiya lovely.

I can only imagine your distress. Your grandchildren will always remember this time and the story you read to them.

Reading is a fabulous de-stresser.

Keep up your great (virtual) grandparenting..they will love you even more 💖xxx

in reply to mattymoo33

Thank you so much Matty.

They certainly will and I'm going to do it again as it was so lovely as well.

It really is, I'm going to look through the books and pick their next favourite tale.

I certainly will, love them to bits. xx😊🌈😍

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