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Shall we 'Collectively' write a story.

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Dear Everyone,

How about if we 'All' write a story.... (set before, or after, Covid19)

Jilly walked down the lane, the birds Tweeting in the trees, as she approached the Church. "Good Morning Jilly" said a voice "Oh hi John" said Jilly turning to see the Postman "how are you today?". "Oh, you know, mustn't grumble really, the 'old leg' is still sore, so is my back, and feet and...…" Jilly liked John, after all, he Never Complained at all!

Jilly continued, her walk, until she reached Bell's Blooms, the local Florist. Going in she greeted the owner, actually called Bert (Bert had thought, perhaps wisely, that female 'name' was better, for a Florist). "What can I Do for you Jilly" asked Bert, pleasantly smiling. Bert liked Jilly she was a girl of, he supposed, 35-ish nicely Proportioned - the right 'bits', in the right places- good 'dress sense', sensible 'make up'..... That sort of Girl.

"I'll have a dozen roses, for my Mum, please Bert- plus...erm… have you a 'nice' indoor plant for me?" "Certainly have Jilly, how about this" said Bert, handing her a small pink primula. "Oh lovely, my favourite colour too!" exclaimed Jilly "you really are a 'Gem' Bert". Jilly was even more impressed when Bert 'made her up' a beautiful 'mixed' bouquet of exquisite Roses. Before leaving the shop and paying a very reasonable Bill, Jilly had given Bert a Kiss, not a 'quick peck' but a proper kiss. Jilly actually 'fancied' Bert, his masculine charm, his 'slightly unkept' look- 'I wonder how old, he is... probably about fifty, too old?' thought Jilly.

Perhaps someone could continue this?


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Nothing ventured, thought Jilly so the next time she went past Bill he was shopping in the village. She walked up and said, "Thanks for that beautiful bouquet my mum was delighted, can I meet you in the pub later to say thankyou. Bill said he would love to as long as he could bring his girl friend. Somebody carry on the story

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AndrewT in reply to san_ray70

"Of Course you can bring her silly" said Jilly, knowing exactly who Bert was referring to. So, at about, 6pm the three of them met up. "How are you Susan" Jilly asked the five year old. "Oh 'Fine' thanks, and how are you Auntie Jilly" replied the girl excitedly and then, almost whispering, with her hand by the side of her mouth "Uncle Bert 'likes' you" she added giggling. Jilly didn't feel embarrassed, after all, the feeling was mutual.

After about half an hour Carol, and Colin, walked in. "Heeey The two 'C's, Hello and Hello" said the youngster clapping her hands. Seeing the group Carol, and Colin, joined them. "So how is the decorating 'going' Colin?" asked Bert "Oh, you know.... Slowly. I can't 'match' that ochre colour, in the study, and Someone" at this point her nudges Carol "can't decide what she 'fancies' for the Bathroom" Carol smiled before replying. "I'd just rather take my time, and get it right, than rush and regret it" "Quite right too!" piped in Susan "you do it, as you want- isn't that right Uncle Bert". Bert felt a bit 'caught in the middle' so just said "yes" before going back to his beer.

There was a Play Area in the Pub's garden area and, before long, Susan had 'dragged' Bert outside- leaving the three of them. "I'll be honest with you" began Jilly "I quite 'like' Bert but I don't 'know' much about him" "Oh Bert" replied Carol " he is local 'born and breed', a Good Sort. His father used to service the Old Town Clock.... until the War, of course. "Yes, you could 'do' a lot worse, than Bert" cut in Colin. "Do you know how Old he is" asked Jilly. "Bert is fifty one, I think- no sorry two, am I right Darling" said Colin looking at Carol who nodded.

Outside, in the garden, Susan was on a swing being Pushed by Bert, who really was, her Uncle- unlike the 'Cursory titles' given to the other adults. "You do like Auntie Jilly Don't you Uncle?" said Susan. "You know Sweetheart, there are times, when you 'know' me too well". replied the man.

Please continue.

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AndrewT in reply to AndrewT

If 'someone' else doesn't Write, the next chapter soon, I Will do so. However I wanted this, to be, a 'Team' effort...….


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Ok, it's now 2:45 AM, I'm 'Wide Awake', so Next Chapter.....

The following day Jilly had a 'Lay In', as it was Saturday, and she didn't Need to be up.... She was finally awoken by the Post arriving, about half past ten.

Jilly found her way downstairs, via the toilet- boy did she want to 'go'- picking up the 'post' on the way. She put the kettle on and then sat down, to open the post. 'Oh, how kind' thought Jilly 'a card from 'an Admirer' I wonder which Bert that is?' One Bill, payed by Direct Debit anyway, an Invitation to Lilian's Birthday- on Thursday, of all days- 'Thursday' the one day, that she has to go Swimming...… her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden noise, outside her home, she 'puzzled' for moment before realising. Going to the front door, still in her Nightdress, she called out ''Can you do the upstairs too, please Michael" "Can do Jilly" replied the Window Cleaner cheerfully.

Having paid Michael his ten pounds, not bad for All the windows, Jilly showered dressed, had breakfast, washed up and fed her dog. She, really loved, Max a 'rescue dog', from the RSPCA- the poor 'thing' had been found chained to a railing, outside the school. Putting Max on a lead she headed to the Bus Stop, arriving just in time.

The local children all immediately recognised Max, if not Jilly, and began to 'pet' him. The lovely animal simply 'let', the children, stroke, pat, and pull him around- he only objected, and then only slightly, when a child put his fingers down his ears. "Don't do that Kevin, you will 'hurt' him" had scolded Jilly. "Sorry Jilly" replied Kevin "but, his ears, are SO soft".

Jilly got off the bus at, no surprises, the Florist. She 'tied' Max, to the ring, before entering the shop. Bert was nowhere to be seen "Bert, It's me Jilly, are you here?" "I'll be 'right there'" called Bert from somewhere. A few minutes later he 'appeared' carrying a large tray of Begonias. "Sorry about that, I've just had a Delivery....erm, there is actually quite a lot....erm you couldn't give me a 'hand' could you, please?" he said hopefully. "Oh come on then!" replied Jilly before following him. Between the two, of them, 'everything' was unloaded in No Time at all.

"Thanks for that, I had a Double lot today- they made up for last week's 'fiasco'" Bert had informed her. Jilly didn't probe him, as to what the 'fiasco' actually was, as it had clearly upset him. "So can we have lunch somewhere, just as a 'Thank you'?" asked Bert once he had made tea. "So long as I can bring Max, he's outside." "Well bring him in, now we have finished. I haven't seen that 'flea bag' for ages!" said Bert enthusiastically. "Watch the 'Flea Bag' bit Bert, he has only just had a 'check up'... no fleas, at all" "I was only joking Jilly" replied Bert making the girl laugh.

After about half an hour Jilly, and Bert arrived at the Bakers Oven....

Come on someone 'run with' this Story!


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daveh121 in reply to AndrewT

The baker from The Baker’s Oven was a nice guy with a mystery that has recently befallen him.

The owner has recently disappeared during a vacation in Greece. The owner had every intent to return to the bakery but is several days late.

Jilly, Bert, and the baker decide to go to Greece to see if they can find out what happened to the owner.

Once in Greece they find a wedding announcement for the owner and the widow of a Greek tycoon.

Upon tracking down the wedding arranger he says they moved to Singapore.

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